Best 100 Welcome to The Team Messages for New Employees

Picture yourself starting a new job at a company that is famous for being fun and having nice coworkers, but your boss forgets to greet you when you arrive for your first day. Suddenly, all your hopes are destroyed, and you start to wonder if you had chosen the best option. The first greeting you get when going to work is important and can affect your mood for the rest of the day. 

New employees get welcome messages of different types and ways. You can either send them by email or say them in person. When someone starts a new job, they might feel nervous and unsure. But if you say a simple hi and welcome them to the team, they will feel better and happy to be there.

Kind welcome to the team messages for new employees will begin a strong and lasting bond between them and the company. You may wonder, what do we say in a welcome message? Actually, it’s very easy to do. Put yourself in their situation and say things to make them comfortable and welcome. Let us see how to do that.

How to Write a Good Welcome to the Team Message for a New Employee?

Most digital marketing companies send a complete welcome kit to new employees on day one of joining. This kit contains all important guidelines, HR policies along with a heartfelt welcome to the team message.

Following these steps can help the new employee feel less overwhelmed during their transition.

  • Say what you want to say and explain it clearly. The worker needs to know that this is a letter saying hello
  • Write in a way that is kind and easy for people to understand. We should be friendly to someone who just started working with us
  • Tell them that you want to assist them in getting comfortable in their new work environment as soon as possible. Or show them who they can ask for assistance
  • Tell them what they should do first. On the first day of work, many things get sorted out like finding a place to work, getting a bank card and other necessary papers, asking for a parking spot, and more
  • Explain to the new employee what they should do. Then, show them around and make them feel comfortable in their new workplace

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Types of Welcome to the Team Messages for New Employees

In the past, employees would get a postcard with good wishes from everyone on the team. Nowadays, things are different, but you can still be creative. Today there are many ways to greet a person. Each one is good for different situations. The things that are good for a technology company might not make sense in a school or academic environment. Remember to be careful and considerate when congratulating a new employee, so that your words don’t upset or cause stress.


Email is a great way to say hello to someone who is new. It works in many situations. Also, it can be used with other nice messages like animated videos, pictures, gifs, and quotes.


Sometimes, an animated picture is not the best way to say hello. But, you can add it with a professional email or an inspiring quote. Also, employees can use a fun gif to say hello to a colleague on the messenger chat.


Pictures are used to greet people in the same way as gifs. You can mix it with an email and a quote.


A funny picture is great to use in a group of young people who like to talk in a casual way and who all find things funny. You can send a funny picture in a work chat or write a formal message in your Email. Don’t make jokes about gender, what they look like, how old they are, or what race they are.


A quote is a nice and short phrase that means something important. It should convey that everyone in the company should be happy and ready to do good work. You can email the quote and include a picture if needed.

100 Messages to Welcome New Employees

100 Messages to Welcome New Employees
  1. Hi there Welcome to your new job. We hope you enjoy working here.
  2. You’re now part of our big family at (company name). We are happy you are here with us. We want you to enjoy your time here and discover your talents.
  3. You are now part of the best. We’re excited to work together and help each other.
  4. Hi there. We’re happy to have you join our group. We hope you do well at your new job.
  5. You are now part of our team, and we are happy to have you because you are one of the best specialists. We hope you do well at work.
  6. We’re happy you joined our team at our new location. We believe we can succeed in this industry together. Have a good day.
  7. Hi, You’re really good at what you do. You are now a part of a group of people who are energetic and accomplish things well.
  8. We feel happy that you are a member of our team. We are thankful that you joined our great organization. We hope you do well.
  9. We’re happy you’re joining us and we believe in you. Good luck in your new job.
  10. 10. You’re really great, so don’t forget that. We’re happy to have you here and we hope you do well in your new job.
  11. Congratulations on joining a determined and hardworking team. We value your work experience a lot. Let’s reach the highest goal together.
  12. Welcome to our expert team. We’re excited to have you here and can’t wait to collaborate with you.
  13. We’re happy to have a new member join our team. We all want to say congrats on your new job. Keep moving ahead.
  14. The company does well when everyone does well. So, do well in your new role.
  15. Yay! We’re happy you’re here. We work well together as a team.
  16. Hello We evaluated your skills and abilities during the interview. Now, let’s work together to make great progress.
  17. We believe that you can assist you in reaching important work accomplishments. We hope you will be happy in this job.
  18. Hello! We have a tough journey to succeed. But, we are strong and capable of achieving many things together.
  19. Hi! You are now part of a big group that is always changing. We are happy that you have joined us. We can do great things when we work together.
  20. Welcome to our team, friend. Show us what you can do and we’ll do even better with your help. Keep chasing your dreams.
  21. We are glad to have you as an employee. We think that what you know and what you’ve done before are really important to us.
  22. Welcome (employee name). We will achieve new things together. Our employees are really good and have helped us achieve things we never thought possible.
  23. Hey there new employee. We’re happy to have you on our team and we believe we can do even better with your skills. I’m excited to see you perform.
  24. Hi! We picked you because you’re amazing. We’re happy to have you join our team, and we hope you enjoy your job and life. Let’s work together for success. We needed someone to help us grow, and we’re glad you’re here.
  25. Hello there. We wanted to say hi and wish you success in your job. Let’s remember that we’re all connected. Just be you because we liked the way you are.
  26. Thank you for choosing to work with us. We liked how professional you were during the interview and are excited to see your work in the company.
  27. Welcome to our team. Your help with the group’s goal will create new chances for everyone. We wish you good health and success in your job.
  28. We are glad you joined our team. We think you will enjoy it here and do well. We’re happy to have you on our team.
  29. Hi there, we choose new workers very carefully. You are better than many others. We’re happy to have you join our team. Good luck and do great things.
  30. Welcome to your new position and we wish you lots of success. We were excited to hear you were joining our team.
  31. We are happy to have you join our company and we believe you can do great things and reach your goals while being here. We’ll do something that people think cannot be done when we work together. We hope you do really well.
  32. Wow, you did it. We’re happy to have you here. Experts like you are rare. Together, we can do amazing things.
  33. Hi there! You made a great choice by choosing us. It means success. Your life will only get better from now on.
  34. Hello (employee name). We’re happy to have you join us. Don’t change who you are because we like you just the way you are.
  35. Come work with us and just be yourself. That’s the key to succeeding in our company.
  36. We’re glad to have you with us. We hope that what we want will happen. We wish you good luck.
  37. Hello new friend. We hope you enjoy working with us and not just earn money but also have fun.
  38. We’re really happy to have you join our team and if you need help, just ask. You’re now part of our family and we’re all awesome together.
  39. Great job! I hope you are adjusting well. If you have any problems, just call me.
  40. Well done on joining the company. We think we’re really good at what we do, and we want to keep getting even better with your help.
  41. Well! You are now part of the most active group in the company. We want to be successful with you.
  42. Hello and Welcome! We have just started. We want to work together to achieve more and make things better for ourselves and the company.
  43. I’m very happy to have you join our group. I looked at what you’ve accomplished before, and you did really well. I want this to keep going.
  44. Nice to meet you. I know it can be hard to get used to a new work setting. I went through something similar before, but my team and I will do our best to assist you in any way possible.
  45. I’m happy to welcome you aboard. I am sure that you will smoothly move into your new job. If you have any questions, you can ask anyone in the team.
  46. We see ourselves like a family more than just a work group. Everybody here welcomes you warmly.
  47. Your first day on the job can be scary, but having a supportive team can make it easier. Congratulations on becoming a part of our great team.
  48. I am happy to have you join our great company. I hope you feel at ease here. I am happy that we will work together because you have a lot of experience.
  49. We are excited to have you on our team. Everyone is looking forward to getting to know you better. Congratulations.
  50. We are happy you joined us for this exciting ride that we all agreed to be a part of. I want it to be enjoyable, informative, and valuable for you.
  51. You are joining a group of people who are enthusiastic. It might seem scary at first, but you will figure out how to do it soon.
  52. Well, you have been accepted into our team. I hope you can find your way around. Things might become very busy here, but don’t worry because there will always be help available.
  53. I’m glad you decided to work with us and I believe we will achieve great things working as a team. It will be a very exciting experience, I assure you. Be prepared for it.
  54. Hello (employee name), I am excited to give you a tour and introduce you to your new colleagues. Make yourself comfortable.
  55. Well done for deciding to join us. We can do some activities to get to know everyone in the team, including yourself. I think that will make it easier for you. If you ever feel confused, just know that you can come to me for help.
  56. Starting a new job can make you feel both excited and nervous. It’s okay to feel scared at first. Everything will be okay soon. I wanted to tell you that the whole team is excited to meet you and has some fun things planned for you.
  57. I’m really, really happy. We are excited for new people to join our team. Well done and we are happy to have you join our awesome team.
  58. When new people join us, they bring new ideas and opinions which help us to learn and improve. We are happy you are a part of our team and excited to see what you will do in the future. Well done, you deserve it.
  59. We’re happy that you’re going to be part of our team. We believe that you will do well and feel comfortable here. Get ready to do some great work while feeling at ease. Great job, (employee name).
  60. Well, we are happy that you are part of our team. Let’s start working together as a great team, and you as our fantastic member.
  61. We are glad you are working with us because you are skilled and qualified. We’re starting our exciting journey from this point. Congratulations and we are happy for your success and glad to have you here.
  62. Welcome to our company. We hope you have a great future here. We will do everything we can to make you feel appreciated and helped.
  63. Well, our team is happy that you joined us. Here we promise you that you will improve, learn new things, and feel at ease.
  64. Congratulations, you are one of the few people who were chosen for the company. Everyone in the team is excited to meet you.
  65. We are happy to announce that you are now part of our marketing team. Thank you and welcome. I can see that the growth is going to increase very quickly.
  66. We are happy to have you join our company. Your talents will be very helpful.
  67. We are very happy to welcome a talented young person like you to our team. We need to think about things in a new way.
  68. Hello! Let’s work together to come up with new ideas and make this company even better.
  69. We hope your start here was easy and went well. Everyone in the team is excited to meet you.
  70. Hello (employee name), we hope you enjoy your time here.
  71. Well, you are becoming part of a team of people who think differently and are not afraid to take risks. We hope you have a great time working with our team and achieve your goals.
  72. We are excited to build a strong friendship with you and your team.
  73. Welcome to the team. I hope you started off well. I wish you good luck.
  74. We’re happy to have you on our team, which is well-known for being able to work quickly and adapt easily. We think you will help make our work better. We are happy you decided to join us.
  75. Welcome, we’re glad to have someone on our team who believes in the same things we do. We are excited to use your skills and experience to make things better.
  76. Hi, we’re from (organization name), and we’re happy to assist you in getting started. Don’t hesitate to ask us anything you need.
  77. Hello and welcome. We’re not just a team, but a family. We are happy to have one more family member with us to make even more fun things happen.
  78. Well done for succeeding. The whole team is excited to have your creative ideas.
  79. Congrats on joining our organization. The team who hired you did a great job.
  80. Congratulations on your new job. You’ll have a great time working with us.
  81. Thank you for becoming a part of our group. We think you will accomplish great things with us. We want you to feel comfortable sharing what you know and what you think with us at any time.
  82. We are happy that you decided to be a part of our group. We’re only going to improve from here.
  83. Hello and nice to have you join us. No matter what happens, we will work together as a team.
  84. Well done for becoming a part of one of the greatest groups in the world. You are very smart and we would be happy to help you become even better.
  85. It’s nice to have someone who is very enthusiastic as a part of our team. We know you will have a great time from now on.
  86. Hello and welcome to our group. We believe our employees are very important, and we want to make sure you feel appreciated while working here. We have many things available for you to experience.
  87. This is just the start. Well done for being chosen out of many people interviewed for this tough chance.
  88. Well done and welcome. You’ve come to the perfect place where your work is appreciated and you will also get better at new things.
  89. We’re happy you’re joining us. We like trying new things. You can’t predict which one will amaze you.
  90. We have a new team member who is very valuable. We need to start creating new things and planning for what will happen later on. If we work together, we can achieve bigger things. It feels really good to have you on our team.
  91. Welcome and congratulations on your first day with us. Thank you for joining our team. We are excited to meet you and see what you can do. The team is very happy.
  92. Greetings! I’m glad you joined our team to achieve success. We really need your skills and attitude to make our team stronger and reach our goals together.
  93. Well done for becoming a part of our team. We think it’s important to work hard and be committed to our team, and I believe that you’re already prepared to do that.
  94. Get ready to celebrate. (Employee name) is joining us with fresh ideas and skills that will help us succeed. Welcome to our team.
  95. We want to work with people who are energetic, dedicated, enthusiastic, and talented. We’re so happy that we found all of this in you. Good job and Welcome.
  96. Congratulations on starting your new job. Did the human resources person greet you nicely? We have something better planned. I’m very glad that you chose to be a part of our group.
  97. Hello! I hope you agree with what Hellen Keller said, which is that we can accomplish very little by ourselves, but we can achieve a lot when we work together.
  98. Thank you for saying yes to the job we offered you. Don’t be afraid to tell us what you’re thinking or share your ideas. We really appreciate them.
  99. Congratulations for joining our team. I hope you enjoy your time with us.
  100. Welcome to your first day. I know it might feel like a lot to meet everyone and learn all the tasks, but don’t hesitate to ask anyone on the team for help or advice. We will always be available for you.

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Why is it Important to Write a Welcome Message?

When someone starts at a new company, the first message they receive can make them feel welcomed. It can help someone feel better about their job and workplace for a long time. A welcome message can be short and nice, or it can be long and have important details. Saying a short and sincere message of happiness to work with a new coworker can make them feel comfortable starting their job. It can prove that your company thinks that having good work relationships is important. This usually talks about how a worker’s abilities can help with current work and company procedures. When two people start working together well, it can lead to a good and lasting partnership.

Tips for Writing a Good Welcome Message

To make a new employee feel welcome, do these things:

Inform the Purpose

A nice welcome message can begin a good relationship between a company and its workers. Start your email or welcome message by saying something like “Well done on becoming part of the group”, or “We’re happy to have you on board”. This could also be the title of a welcome email. This helps the new employee find the welcome message easily among all the other emails.

Speak Positively

A nice message can show that someone is sincere and kind. Speak kindly and avoid saying anything that may make the new employee worried or scared. Make your message interesting and, if it fits, include something personal. As the new employee’s boss, you can say how their abilities and gifts can help the team. Let them know that you are happy they are on the team and believe they will do great in their job.

Describe Your Company

You can ask the new employee if they have any questions about the company or their job, and you can offer to help them. At first, people feel a lot of emotions when they start a new job. It’s good to have someone who can tell you where to go for lunch or explain how to behave during weekly meetings. When you volunteer to help, it tells the new employee that you want to work well with them, and that people in the office communicate well. If you are in charge, you could create a guide for new employees that has rules and helpful things about the company. You can give a book to your workers that explains their benefits. It can also include information about upcoming projects and schedules.

Explain About the First Day

If you are in charge of a new employee, send them a message before they start. Tell them when and where to come, where to park (if necessary), and who they should talk to on their first day. Inform if there is special training with the people who work in the company. List the documents they need to bring. Also inform what clothes to wear to work if there are rules in your company.

Wrapping Up

Sending a letter to welcome someone doesn’t take a lot of work from the people in charge. This makes the new employee feel important and good about their abilities on the team. This helps the new worker do really well from the start, which is good for the company. We should not just be nice to a new coworker in a letter, but also in our actions and behavior. When a new person joins your group, it’s important to show them that you care about them. You can do this by giving them small gifts like a notepad, cup, badge, or pen, and by supporting them when things are hard. It’s also good to praise them when they do a good job. All of these things will show them that they are a valued part of the team. This makes people want to do and achieve more.


Why should you write a welcome message?

A short message of excitement to a new worker can make them feel more comfortable in their job. It can prove that your company cares about having a good relationship with them and make them feel welcome.

What is a good welcome message?

There are many ways to write a good welcome message. For example, you can write, “Welcome to our team, we are happy to have you here”, or “Well done for being a part of a great group of people”.

Can you be creative while welcoming a new employee?

As long as it is professional, you can be a little creative by adding relevant images, gifs or quotes. You can even add memes to the welcome message if you are talking to a young team.

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