Best 75 Profitable Small Business Ideas in India for 2024

Entrepreneurs struggle to obtain funding that will allow them to successfully implement their ideas. A great business for any entrepreneur is one that does not require a lot of capital. There are numerous concepts for small businesses that require very little capital. If carried out correctly, these concepts may guarantee the success and profitability of the business. However, the majority of people are unsure of what those concepts would be or how they might fit into their overall plan. The top 75 successful small business ideas in India are listed in this post. The majority of these concepts for small businesses can be started with investing less money. For both men and women, these small business concepts are ideal.

Small Business Ideas in India – Things to Know

Everyone’s aspiration is to establish their own business. However, a lack of funds for investment or profitable business concepts prevents the majority of aspiring entrepreneurs from realizing their goals. You can start your own small business with little money if you have special skills. While some of these startup ideas in India for small businesses can be run from home, others may necessitate leasing small premises.

Keep in mind the below tips before starting your venture.

Funds: Most of the time, small businesses start out with little money. Local area associations and cooperative societies additionally offer advances. You might think about getting a loan to fund your idea for a small business.

Plans: Keep in mind that not planning is planning to fail. Therefore, before you launch your business, plan it thoroughly. Examine the market for the service or product you intend to offer.

Competitor Analysis: Learn a lot about your potential rivals and what they have to offer. Talk to people you trust and, if necessary, seek advice. Also, before you launch, build a database of potential customers.

75 Small Business Ideas in India for the Beginners

After doing your homework, you should be almost ready to start a small business from your home with little money. We recommend choosing from one of these 75 innovative, low cost startup business ideas in India:

  1. Pollution Masks

Air pollution is a problem in all major cities. Air pollution is a serious issue in India, particularly in major cities like Delhi and Bangalore. One of the most promising new profitable and trending business ideas in India is the production of air pollution masks.

  1. Creating Mobile Applications

India’s demand for mobile applications is unprecedented. The booming business of developing mobile apps has a lot of potential and a lot of opportunities. If you are tech-savvy, investigate the requirements of the population, and create a mobile application that meets the needs of its users.

  1. Start a Blog

Here’s one of the fantastic and upcoming business ideas in India. If you look online, a lot of bloggers are making millions from their blogs. Starting a blog doesn’t cost much at all. You can easily start one with the help of online tutorials and start making money immediately. Once you have started a blog, hire an SEO company to optimize it.

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  1. 3D Printing

In India, 3D printing is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, it is taking over from the traditional method of printing prototypes. You should seriously consider starting this business if you want to invest in the digital printing industry.

  1. Renewable Energy

At the moment, the Indian government is encouraging businesses to venture into alternative energy ventures. The renewable energy industry presents an excellent opportunity for individuals who are interested in entering the environment-related business sector.

  1. Jewelry

The jewelry industry is very popular among Indians. Additionally, most Indians view jewelry as a form of investment. As a result, India’s gold and diamond industries are highly profitable. In India, fashion jewelry and pearl jewelry are in high demand. In India, starting a jewelry-making business doesn’t require a lot of money.

  1. Open a Preschool

The current preschool industry in India is worth more than Rs. 4000 crore, indicating its potential. Additionally, this is one of the most well-liked education-related small business concepts in India. Start a preschool business if you like spending time with kids.

  1. Fashion Design

The Indian fashion industry has expanded dramatically. Nowadays, the majority of people in cities and towns, both urban and semi-urban, are fashion-conscious. This is not a difficult field in which to pursue a career if you possess the necessary skills or a keen interest in fashion and accessories.

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  1. Fitness Expert

Anyone with experience in yoga and aerobics can start a fitness service company. A fitness-focused business is a recession-proof industry that can be started with little investment.

  1. Embroidery Works

Any fashion designer in India will tell you that finding people who are skilled in embroidery and knitting is the most important part of their successful business. Assignments will come easily to you if you can learn this trade.

  1. Beauty Parlor

Products and services at a beauty salon or parlor help customers look and feel better physically and mentally. In the retail sector, this is one of the most popular beauty business concepts. When starting this business, you need to choose the right location, hire good people, and do the right sales promotion.

  1. Recruitment Services

The recruitment services industry is all about getting paid for providing human resources to other businesses. This business can be started by anyone who has a good connection to job seekers. For the start of this business, you only need a small amount of money. This business can also be started from home.

  1. Tutoring

The majority of parents are very concerned about giving their children the best education possible. They are always looking for tutors who are dedicated and of high quality. You can start a profitable tutoring business with little or no capital investment if you enjoy teaching.

  1. Soap Making

You can start a business making soap using simple tools you can find in your backyard. The market is very interested in homemade soaps. Additionally, the market provides easy access to the necessary raw materials.

  1. Services for Laundry

The laundry industry is becoming more organized. There is a rising interest for clothing administrations, particularly from working individuals. This company can be started by anyone with very little money.

  1. Join a Reputable Company

If you’re just starting out and can communicate well, joining a reputable multi-level marketing company could make you millions of dollars. All you need to do is advertise the products and invite people you know to join the successful business. In well-known multi level marketing (MLM) businesses like Amway, Avon, and Tupperware, numerous individuals are earning millions of rupees.

  1. Smartphone Repair

Repairing smartphones is no longer just for wealthy individuals. The sales of smartphones in India have increased as a result of the price drop. As a result, the demand for smartphone repairs is steadily rising. You can start this business by getting trained at local training facilities.

  1. Service Station for Automobiles

India’s burgeoning economy has boosted vehicle sales. As a result, there is a significant demand for auto repair shops across the majority of the country. As a result, starting a car service shop is a great small and very profitable business idea for new entrepreneurs in India.

  1. Food Delivery

In India, the food delivery business is expanding. In the Indian market, numerous food delivery services, such as Swiggy, Uber Eats, Zomato, and Foodpanda, etc., are operating successfully. This demonstrates that the country presents a significant opportunity for a food delivery business.

  1. Catering

A catering business can make you a lot of money if you enjoy cooking and sharing recipes with others. To be successful, however, one must be able to work under pressure and have excellent interpersonal skills.

  1. Courier Service

In India, the courier service is a low-risk, high-return business. You can also work under the banner of well-known brands like DTDC, DHL, and BlueDart.

  1. Mobile Food Truck

In two major ways, the mobile food truck business opportunity differs from a regular restaurant. One is that you are moving and do not have a store. Second, you are going to the customers yourself. This business can be started in the city area by someone with little to no experience in the food service industry.

  1. Interior Designing

Consider starting your own business if you are skilled in interior design. The company can even be started from home with little capital. You can sell your unique ideas for interior designing which big corporations might not offer.

  1. Services for Market Research

Businesses that want to get feedback from their current or potential customers must conduct market research. If you have previous experience conducting market research, you should seriously consider starting this business.

  1. Organic Food Store

When starting a business selling organic food, the best location is the most important factor in business success, just like it is for any other retail business. Even though organic food is more expensive than non-organic food, people are more interested in eating it because they are more aware of healthy living. The retail organic food market is a new trend that is expanding fast.

  1. Sports Coaching

Coaching is very popular in India for sports like cricket, football, badminton, tennis, and others. Try this business if you enjoy sports and have experience in a particular sport.

It can be a good source of income as well as help you in being fit.

  1. Art Supplies Store

Owning an art supplies store can be a lucrative retail venture for anyone who is interested in art and is knowledgeable about the tools artists need. A small retail location with a flair that stocks popular art supplies essentials is a good way to start an art supplies store.

  1. Diabetic Clinic

Diabetes is becoming more and more common in India. Starting a diabetic clinic will undoubtedly yield significant profits if you have a suitable retail space. You can easily expand this business after a period of time.

  1. Online Trading

As a means of earning money through a business online, you can try trading online. There are various types of trading, you can choose the one that suits you the best. To succeed, you need to be an expert in this field. Once you have gained experience, you can coach others, which can also become a way of income.

  1. Translation Service

India is quickly emerging as one of the world’s major economies. For one reason or another, visitors to India come from all over the world. As a result, there is an increasing demand for translators. Start a translation company and make a lot of money if you’re good with communication skills.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, the majority of well-known Indian businesses and individuals take their social media profiles very seriously. Social media plays a crucial role in establishing relationships with others. It is necessary to regularly maintain and manage their social media profiles. As a result, they anticipate social media marketers who are able to maintain their profiles. You can start this business and potentially make a lot of money if you have the skills or are willing to learn social media marketing.

  1. Virtual Assistant

One of the top ten technological breakthroughs is virtual assistance. Starting a business as a virtual assistant is simple. A good, professional website, a phone line, and a laptop are really all you need.

  1. Agarbatti Making

In India, making agarbattis is a very profitable business. Due to its ease of sourcing raw materials, Karnataka leads the manufacturing of agarbatti, or incense sticks. You can begin this business from home with a basic hand-worked machine.

  1. Bakery

New entrepreneurs in India can make a lot of money in the bakery industry. Additionally, this company provides numerous expansion opportunities. It can be developed as a business chain across India in the future.

  1. Candle Making

Candle making is an industry that has the potential to make money in India. Candles are no longer just used to light homes during power outages or for religious celebrations. Candles are now also used to decorate showrooms, events, and other interior spaces.

  1. Manufacturing Detergent Powder

There is a strong demand in India’s semi-urban and rural areas for inexpensive detergent powder. In the Indian market, getting customers won’t be a problem if you can offer detergent powder of high quality at a fair price.

  1. Manufacturing of Disposable Paper Plates

Disposable paper plates are currently in high demand. The primary reason is that it is simple to serve foodstuffs at family gatherings, such as fruits, sweets, and conversation and snacks.

  1. Exercise Book Manufacturing

Anyone can start a business making exercise books at lower capitals. You could also provide cover design services at your unit. Setting up an exercise book manufacturing unit can be a good option if you want to start a low-cost manufacturing business from home or on a smaller scale.

  1. Chocolate Making

Starting a chocolate or candy making business is a natural next step after turning your passion and expertise into a successful home-based business. Candies made at home are very popular and easy to make.

  1. Leather Bag Making

You can begin making leather bags at home with a few basic hand tools and equipment. Customers continue to purchase leather bags throughout the year. You can produce quality leather bags of all sizes and design and offer them at a reasonable price.

  1. Driving School

Before taking the test to get a driving license, most people prefer to get professional car driving training. Opening a driving school might be something to think about if you want to start a car-related business with little money.

  1. Business Consulting

The scope of offering consulting services to small businesses has expanded dramatically in recent years. You could start a home-based business consultancy if you have experience and expertise in a particular area.

  1. Manufacturing Toothpaste

Toothpaste is a necessity of daily life and an inflation-free industry. In India’s small towns and villages, there is a significant demand for affordable toothpaste. If you can meet the needs of customers, especially in suburban areas, small-scale toothpaste manufacturing has a good chance of profit.

  1. Clothing Store

Despite the fierce competition in the retail clothing industry, there is still a lot of room for growth. In India, a clothing store can make a lot of money if you have a good retail space in a good place.

  1. Dropshipping Business

If you’re a young tech enthusiast, you can now take the dropshipping business more seriously. One of the most promising and lucrative business opportunities in this region is undoubtedly now one of the growing numbers of Indian consumers purchasing goods online.

  1. Educational Apps

If you are a teacher or enjoy teaching, you might want to think about creating educational apps. Startups like Byju’s learning app, which started small but has grown into a major online learning company in India, can serve as models.

  1. Earn Money on Facebook

If you have a strong Facebook friend network, there are numerous ways to earn money on Facebook. Together with Google, Facebook currently has the most users on the internet. Facebook is a profitable platform as well. Take a look at our post about different ways to make money using Facebook.

  1. Errand Services

In India, people are increasingly looking for services that can help them with things like buying groceries, paying bills, filling prescriptions, and so on. If you want more customers, you can target elderly people and couples with two incomes.

  1. Computer Maintenance

Even though there are plenty of people who can take care of computers, most computer owners are looking for trustworthy people to work with. There will never be a shortage of customers if you believe you can provide honest service.

  1. Diet Planning

You can start this business in India if you are a dietician or nutritionist. You can provide the service from home or online. You can work as a freelancer even if you work full-time.

You can create a YouTube channel and share your knowledge and with time you can earn a lot of subscribers and money.

  1. Personality Development Coaching

Personality development classes can be started. You can teach a variety of skills in this class, including stage daring, public speaking, and communication skills. In the market, these classes are highly sought after. This class can also be beneficial to people who work in marketing and business. Before you can start this business, you need to work on improving your personality. You will need to thoroughly research this subject. This business can be started without any investment at all.

  1. Cooking Class

You can start taking cooking classes if you are good at cooking. You can teach cooking in general or specific recipes or foods, among other things, or you can start your own cooking class. You absolutely have the ability to start this business if you enjoy cooking and are skilled in the kitchen. This business can be started from home with little investment.

  1. Tailoring Service

Many people prefer to wear clothing that is tailored to them rather than ready-made garments. A tailor makes the blouses that women wear. The tailor is also responsible for making dresses for men. Additionally, you can become a specialized tailor. You can provide a variety of services, including clothing fitting, buttoning, and chain fixing. You can start this business in India if you are skilled at tailoring.

  1. Motivational Speaker

You can become a motivational speaker if you have good communication skills. You can find a plethora of motivational speakers on YouTube. You can begin this business by starting your own YouTube channel if you want to. You can make videos for motivational speeches on YouTube. You can make money from YouTube as well as from various events if you become well-known on YouTube and receive numerous invitations to give motivational speeches.

  1. Child Care

Women can start this small business from home or a small location. Opening a babysitting and child care business requires very little capital. Only a few toys, cribs, and mattresses are required. Include a first aid kit, a few packets of disposable diapers, and antiseptic lotions. Due to the rise in the number of working couples, childcare and babysitting services are in high demand today.

  1. Mobile Repair Service

Everyone has witnessed the breakdown of motorbikes, scooters, and automobiles in the middle of busy roads. The unfortunate owners of these vehicles frequently face a dilemma regarding where to get repairs. You can provide a mobile garage in case of such an eventuality. You will need a car or bike, a mobile phone, and all of the tools necessary to fix a stuck car for this low-risk business.

  1. Aquarium

You can start this small business idea from your home with little capital. You will need to acquire a few aquariums of various sizes and varieties of popular pet fish for this trade.

Additionally, you will make more money by selling aquarium accessories like air pumps, fish food, and other accessories. Gifts of aquariums are also popular. But you need to know how to handle different kinds of fish.

  1. Garden Equipments

Again, this is an excellent low-cost small business concept. Numerous individuals now maintain small plants and shrubs in their offices and apartments due to an increased awareness of the environment. You can also sell fertilizer packets, seeds, and other garden supplies in packets.

  1. Jams and Pickles

The demand for healthier, non-commercial jams, pickles, sauces, and ketchup is rising as people become more health-conscious. In addition, consumers today are wary of eating anything that contains chemicals. In this scenario, traditional chemical-free recipes can be used to make ketchup, pickles, sauces, and jams.

  1. Pet Care

People adore their pets but they are unable to bring their pets with them when they travel for business or pleasure. As a result, pet care services are sought after by individuals. If you are able to establish a pet care business from the ground up, it would be incredible. If you know how to handle animals, this might be a good business for you.

  1. Ice Cube Making

It’s easy to see that this is a complicated industry. Especially considering that the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) requires ice cubes that are sold on the market to meet certain requirements. You can, however, enter this lucrative market of selling ice cubes in bulk to restaurants, bars, and retail customers with the appropriate equipment, clean water, and packaging.

  1. Travel Booking Services

You can quickly make money by providing booking services for travel and other related services. Customers can make online reservations for rail tickets and hotels at a variety of locations by partnering with long-distance bus services. You can work with a major travel agent or make arrangements with service providers to get paid for each reservation you make.

  1. Traditional Food

You can open a small traditional food store for little money if you know what the different Indian communities like to eat. The only thing left for you to do is sell long-lasting goods from suppliers in those areas to the people you want to reach.

  1. Medical Sample Collection

It simply means that you take samples of blood, sputum, urine, and stool from patients at their homes. These samples will be delivered to pathological laboratories, where they will be examined and medical reports issued. The customer must receive the reports at home. You will need a vehicle, storage equipment for the biohazardous materials, and expertise in blood sample extraction. Before starting this business, you will need agreements with pathological laboratories.

  1. Antique Furniture

People are reluctant to part with old furniture. simply because they are associated with sentimental values. If you have the skills and an eye for aesthetics, one possibility is to restore or repair antique furniture that has been damaged. You can also hire craftspeople to restore your customer’s property. Antique furniture restoration is a complicated process that calls for skilled labor.

  1. Surveillance Services

People are becoming more concerned about their safety. They want to defend themselves and their families from robbery and other forms of criminal activity. As a direct consequence of this, an increasing number of people are installing CCTV and surveillance cameras in their offices and homes. This is a good idea for a small business that will pay you back a lot of money.

  1. Party Services

Parties are held for a variety of reasons. They are held once a year to mark birthdays, anniversaries, and other significant dates. You can provide a variety of services with this low-cost business. These include, among other things, decorating the venue, hosting games, bringing in a mascot, buying and packing return gifts, and so on.

  1. Address Verification

Customers’ addresses are frequently subject to physical verification by credit card companies, banks, and mobile phone providers. They do this to avoid defaults and fraud. In order to visit the customer addresses provided by banks and other service providers, you will need a vehicle and staff.

  1. Postal Labeling

All bulk mail from India Post must be labeled with addresses and sorted by the Postal Index Number (PIN) code. Small businesses that are able to provide this service are sought after by companies that are listed on the stock market, banks, and bulk mailers. To enter this low-cost small business, you will need a car or bike and some employees.

  1. Tour Guide

Tours are a great low-risk business for residents of cities and towns with numerous tourist attractions. Walking the streets, interacting with locals, and taking in the sights and sounds of the city is a popular activity for both domestic and international tourists. To get your visitors to a specific area where they will visit attractions, you will need to hire buses.

  1. Imported Goods

When Indians return from a foreign tour, they typically purchase items that can be sold locally. They sell perfumes, cosmetics, cigarettes, liquor, chocolates, food items, T-shirts, and food items. Your products will have a good market thanks to India’s obsession with foreign goods.

  1. Used Laptops

Laptops, which were once regarded as a luxury, are now commonplace. According to current trends in the retail industry, consumers tend to trade in their used laptops for more modern models with more advanced features. Even so, there is a significant market for used laptops. A low-risk, high-return business to consider is buying, restoring, and selling such used laptops.

  1. Manpower Service

Every business almost always requires more workers. This is especially true for establishments like restaurants, where staff turnover is relatively less. Cooks and waiters frequently resign or simply quit their jobs. You can help businesses overcome their manpower issues and earn a handsome income almost every day with some ingenuity and a low investment.

  1. Audio and Video Digitalisation

In India, millions of people have audio and video tapes of their favorite movies and music, as well as recordings of special events. However, cassette players for audio and video are now uncommon. You can start a business digitizing old recordings if you have audio and video cassette players, record players, and other older equipment. You will need to spend money on equipment that can copy audio and video from older formats to newer formats.

  1. Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifting is ingrained in India’s culture. It continues year-round. Pens, wallets, mugs, and a wide variety of other items can be given as corporate gifts to employees and business associates. Typically, the name and logo of the business are printed on these items. You can start this business for little money if you have enough samples and contacts. For customers to see, you’ll need a wide range of products and their samples.

To Conclude

Keep in mind that just having enough money to put into a small business of your choice is not enough. In addition, you need the skills to make sure it works right. It is advisable to be familiar with licensing procedures and other legalities prior to entering any venture.

Since it can assist you in obtaining future loans and subsidies, it is preferable to establish your company’s legitimacy. Additionally, it will shield you from legal action. Starting with a small business and gradually expanding it is the most effective strategy. You can start your business with a small budget to reduce the risk. No business is big or small. How you start and grow your business is entirely up to you.


How much money is needed to start a small business?

It solely depends upon the type of business you choose. You can start a small scale business with as little as 5000 INR.

What are the small businesses that can be started from home?

Child care, diet planning, cooking class, and agarbatti and candle making are some of the businesses that can be done from home.

Which business is needed more in India right now?

Pet care is one of the in-demand businesses. People want to leave their pets in good care but there are many options available, even in major cities.

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