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Navneet Kaushal is the founder and CEO of PageTraffic, Asia’s most recognized Search Marketing Company. When Navneet started his digital search marketing company, PageTraffic in 2002, there were not many people who understood SEO. Today, PageTraffic is not only the oldest SEO company in Asia and the World but is one of the leading search engine marketing companies in Asia.

"I have always been a technology buff. Everything tech inspires me. Google was still like a magic wand, and the idea of optimizing the websites to appear in top for searches was fascinating and it was new. This is what got me to start my company.”

Navneet Kaushal

CEO, PageTraffic

2002- Present

Our journey

How we got here

Nothing illustrates the race to the top more categorically than the search engine industry. We have worked hard to remain at the forefront for more than twenty years now.

Our journey started in 2002, four years after Google was founded. It was then that Navneet Kaushal, right after completing his MBA, was testing how SEO works. He was driven by the idea of creating something new and exciting, and PageTraffic was born.

2002-2005 Our early years

  • 2002: PageTraffic hires its first employee, signups its first client. We move to a new office with room for more employees and the head count moves to 10. We also launch our first new site.
  • 2003: PageTraffic expands further, takes up more office space and employee count moves to 20. PageTraffic Full Time SEO Consultant service is a hit with 7 SEO companies hiring our full time SEO consultants in one month!
  • 2004: PageTraffic continues to expand and moves to a new 2000 sq ft location in Okhla. Our head count moves to 35.
  • 2005: PageTraffic accorded with the distinction of Google Advertising Professional (GAP). First Indian company to do so.
Pagetraffic 2002-2005

2006-2008 Our primary years

  • 2006: PageTraffic launches India's first SEO blog www.unofficialseoblog.com. We also launch Version 2.0 of its website. Business grew by 20% immediately thereafter. We expand further & move to a new location with better facilities, conference rooms, recreational space & project management areas. Our head count moves to 50
  • 2007: PageTraffic completes 5 years. We also launch version 2.1 of our website with more detailed services and defined packages. We open another office in New Delhi region and head count moves to 70.
  • 2008: PageTraffic opens another office in New Delhi region and head count moves to 80.
Pagetraffic 2006-2008

2009-2011 Our high school years

  • 2009: PageTraffic Ranked as India's Top SEO And Link Building Company by TopSEOs. PageTraffic launches version 2.1 of its website with more detailed services and defined packages. Our blog crosses 2500 daily subscribers and is ranked amongst top 150 Marketing Blogs by Advertising Age. We also open up another branch in New Delhi.
  • 2010: PageTraffic launches version 3.0 of its website. The biggest launch till date which includes introduction of several new services including Social media, web design etc. PageTraffic Becomes A Google AdWords Certified Partner. We also add new 120 seater office spread over 6000 sq-ft and two floors. Bigger cafe and conference cum training room.
  • 2011: PageTraffic shifts its US office to a bigger location in Chicago. We continue our expansion and open an office in London, UK with a dedicated sales team. PageTraffic Wins Red Herring Top 100 Asia Award. We also open our new sales office in Mumbai.
Pagetraffic 2009-2011

2012-2014 We are in college

  • 2012: PageTraffic is named one of the top five SEO Companies of 2011 by PromotionWorld.com. PageTraffic Ranked among Top 50 Search Marketing Agencies by Website Magazine. PageTraffic completes 10 years. PageTraffic Crosses 1500 clients. We launch Reputation Management Services.
  • 2013: PageTraffic Crosses 2000 clients. PageTraffic wins Best SEO Company & Best Use of Social Media Awards. PageTraffic Launches Google Penality Recovery Service. PageTraffic Exhibited in Pubcon Las Vegas. PageTraffic Host TiE Delhi. We also crossed 2500 Clients.
  • 2014: PageTraffic hosts SEO 2014 Master Class with DMAi. PageTraffic Host Social Media for SEO. PageTraffic featured on Zee Business News Channel. PageTraffic hosts Social Media for Content & Social Media Marketing on Budget. We launched Content Marketing Services. PageTraffic Crosses 3500 Clients.
Pagetraffic 2012-2014

2015-2017 We graduated early

  • 2015: PageTraffic won the best SEO Company 2014 award. PageTraffic is named as Best SEO Company by . PageTraffic won Brands Academy Excellence Award 2015 for the Best Search Marketing Agency. PageTraffic Host Social Media for Best Practices for Mobile Sites at Social Media Week Bangalore. PageTraffic Crosses 4000 Clients.
  • 2016: PageTraffic is named as the Best SEO Company by PromotionWorld.com winning the best SEO company award 2015. PageTraffic Crosses 5000+ Clients. Pagetraffic is selected for the 2015 Best of Business Award by the Small Business Community. Ranked amongst 25 Best Search Engine Optimization Firms across the world. PageTraffic SEO Process gets ISO 9001 Seal. A first in our industry for the SEO Process. PageTraffic launches version 5.0 of its website with more detailed services and defined packages.
  • 2017: PageTraffic Wins Best SEO Company Award by PromotionWorld. PageTraffic Crosses 5500+ Clients. PageTraffic Wins the Brands Academy Award for the Best SEO Company. PageTraffic Wins the Entrepreneur India Awards For ´Micro Business Entrepreneur of the Year 2017. PageTraffic gets featured in Entrepreneur Magazine. PageTraffic Awarded as the Best SEO Agency of Asia. PageTraffic Crosses 6000+ clients.
Pagetraffic 2015-2017

2018-2022 We attained adulthood

  • 2018: PageTraffic Wins The Best SEO Company Award From Promotion World. PageTraffic Wins the Readers Choice Award For the Best SEO Company. PageTraffic Crosses 6500 Clients. PageTraffic Wins The Golden Globe Tigers 2018 Best Search Marketing Agency of the Year. PageTraffic CEO Wins Entrepreneur of the Year - Online Business (Micro) Award for the Year 2018. PageTraffic Crosses 7000 Clients. PageTraffic Wins ET Now Stars Of The Industry Award for Best SEO Agency.
  • 2019: PageTraffic Ranked as Best Local SEO Company by Promotion World. PageTraffic Wins FindBestSEO's Top SEO Company Award. PageTraffic Crosses 7700 Clients. PageTraffic wins National Business Excellence Award for Outstanding Professional Achievement. PageTraffic opens one more branch in New Delhi. PageTraffic Crosses 8500 clients.
  • 2020: PageTraffic Ranked as the Best Local SEO Company of 2019 by Promotion World. PageTraffic Wins FindBestSEO's Top SEO Company Award. PageTraffic Launches its Support Services for Covid-19 hit business. PageTraffic Wins India 5000 Best MSME Award 2020. PageTraffic Launches updated Ecommerce and Local SEO Packages. PageTraffic Crosses 9000 clients.
  • 2021: PageTraffic Ranks Among The Best SEM Companies and also gets featured among the best SEM Companies Of 2021. We now employe 120+ web experts with offices in 7 locations. PageTraffic Crosses 10,000 clients.
  • 2022: The company's CEO, Navneet Kaushal, received the Business Leadership Award, further solidifying PageTraffic's achievements and reputation.
Pagetraffic 2018-2021
Pagetraffic 2022

2023 - TodayAnd the journey continues

We have provided our services to more than 10,000 clients spread across 36 different countries. Our global presence now extends to eight office locations in three distinct countries. Additionally, our team has grown to include over 125 dedicated employees.

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