PageTraffic Does not:

  1. Send job offers from free internet email services like Gmail, Rediffmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, and so on.
  2. Ask you to deposit any money for giving job offers to Experienced Professionals or Fresh Graduate Trainees or share your credit card information as part of the recruitment process.
  3. Pay for online reviews or communicate via telegram app.

PageTraffic HR team corresponds from email addresses with the domain “@pagetraffic.in”. However, there is also a possibility of scammers to display the sent email domain address as “@pagetraffic.in” fraudulently. Nevertheless, receiving emails will be possible only with the legitimate “@pagetraffic.in” domain.

Please note that any offers/benefits / content/instructions presented in such misleading communication impersonating PageTraffic, do not represent those of the company and are contrary to our company policy. If any such entity fraudulently representing PageTraffic approaches you, refrain from responding to them. PageTraffic will not accept any liability for the actions of candidates on spoofed mails/communication.

If you believe you have been a victim of a recruitment fraud, you are requested to approach the law enforcement agencies immediately.

Please visit https://jobs.pagetraffic.in/ for authentic job vacancies at PageTraffic.

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