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We’re an agency that specializes in on-site technical SEO for all sizes of websites in India. We’ll help you improve your site’s crawling and indexing, as well as keyword rankings. We offer industry’s leading technical SEO expertise. Our advanced tools, and long-established technical team can help support you with a wide range of technical SEO challenges.

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Technical SEO


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Google’s crawlers are still robots, despite the fact that they are getting better at interpreting the content of websites. This means that the technical aspects of your website are critical to enhancing your site’s search engine ranking. Technical optimizations give your website a competitive advantage by making it easier for major search engine bots to crawl and index it efficently.

Furthermore, technical SEO aids Google in determining the topical relevance of your content to consumers’ search queries, resulting in your web pages being ranked higher in more relevant keyword searches. PageTraffic’s technical SEO professionals will make sure that your website has every technical advantage possible, from mobile-friendliness to schema.org markup, so you can outrank your competition in organic search.

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Benefits Of Technical SEO


An SEO-optimized site’s main advantage is its increased capacity to produce high-quality organic traffic.

However, a website that performs well in search engines and is built using SEO best practices provides numerous other advantages to both the business and the visitors.

Organic Traffic

Better Organic Traffic

User Experience

Positive User Experience

Better Quality Clicks

Higher Conversion Rate

comprehensive Technical SEO Audit



Undertook comprehensive Technical SEO Audit

  • Optimized URL Architecture
  • Improving Core Web Vitals, Optimizing Crawl Budget


We don’t just tick off a ‘technical SEO checklist’ as a regular SEO work. We recognize that technical search engine optimization is a critical component of every successful SEO campaign. As a result, PageTraffic creates bespoke technical SEO strategies that lay a major emphasis on technical aspects of your site.

PageTraffic Technical SEO Specialists in India has seen it all when it comes to Content Management Systems. We’ll help make the technical tweaks your site needs to rank higher, whether you’re using WordPress or a custom code.

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Need help with a specific technical SEO issue?

We offer a wide variety of technical SEO services designed to improve your organic rankings.



  • Technical SEO Audits  Comprehensive Technical SEO Audits
  • On-Site Optimization On-Site Optimization
  • Crawlability Crawlability & Sitemaps
  • Core Web Vitals Optimization
  • Site Speed Optimization Site Speed Optimization
  • Structured Data Markup Structured Data Markup
  • Image Optimization Image Optimization

Comprehensive Technical SEO Audits

We start with a sitewide audit to identify any technical issues, crawl errors, unnecessary redirections, broken pages, page speed or other site errors. It covers all aspects of a website, from the structure of the URLs to the use of robots.txt files, and everything in between.

With our technical SEO audits, you’ll receive a detailed assessment of your site’s performance with clearly defined prioritised actions to improve it. We work closely together so that no action is left undone and support for both in-house teams as well development engineers who need help implementing these changes – all this without any additional cost!

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On-Site Optimization

With technical SEO, usually, there’s plenty of little improvements that can make a big difference in the SEO results! On-site optimization not only includes the visible content of your site, but all the invisible HTML code and HTML tags on your web pages. This invisible code on your web pages has a lot to do with whether or not Google understands the content, relevance and quality of that page. This includes on-page elements like page titles, meta description, rel canonical tags, URL structure, coding style as well as the specific programming languages such as JavaScript which are used for tasks like event handling amongst other things.

These on-page elements fall under the technical SEO and are important for improving your ranking in search engines. Our SEO Experts will make sure to help optimize these technical aspects of your website ensuring your site is optimized to rank for the keywords that will bring you the most valuable clicks.

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Crawlability & Sitemaps

How do search engines know which pages on your website are the most important? A sitemap is like a roadmap for webpages, identifying their location and communicating that to search engines. Our technical SEO services help make sure these roadways stay clear!

XML sitemaps particularly for ecommerce or enterprise-level websites are the best way to help Google crawlers understand which of your many product pages they should rank for specific keywords. If you have only a few primary landing sites on your website, submitting XML Sitemaps in Search Console won’t be as important but it’s still a good idea to monitor crawling reports and make sure bots indexing those pages successfully!

We help you use your crawl budget more efficiently and we make sure the most important pages of your website are found by search engines. We create and help optimize a sitemap that identifies which webpages on our site communicate to Google exactly what is happening within it, so they can rank higher in SERPs!

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Core Web Vitals Optimization

What are Core Web Vitals (CWV)?

It is a set of important technical SEO factors that Google Updated in 2021. The new Core Web Vitals signals monitor loading speeds, the responsiveness of interactive components, and the visual stability of pages, along with numerous existing user experience signals. These are based on three components, LCP, FID and CLS.

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): The speed at which the main content of the page loads.

First Input Delay (FID): The speed at which a web page responds to the user’s first action on the page.

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): Layout stability (that is, elements do not jump unexpectedly).

The website should be prepared for optimizing with CWVs in mind while doing technical SEO audits and introducing changes that will bring UX results google algorithms are looking for. At the same time, this also makes your site higher ranking while being more user friendly overall.

Our Technical SEO Experts help you fix the 3 main metrics with our Core Web Vitals Optimization Service!

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Site Speed Optimization

Your website can be SEO-optimized from all perspectives, but it won’t rank well if it’s under-performing, slow, and inconvenient for people to use. Our team of SEO technical professionals can run a speed test to see how you’re doing against the competition. From there, we can make changes to boost your site’s speed in order for your website and all of its content to rank higher on Google. Some of the issues we undertake are: Compressing files to slim down CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files, reducing redirects, leveraging browser caching and CDNs, and improving server time.

This will allow users access quicker while also improving their experience which means they are less likely to turn away at the first sign of trouble or frustration with what is shown within an online page. The end result? More traffic coming through as customers who stick around because things work better than expected!

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Structured Data Markup

Structured data markup, or schema.org is a standardized code that makes it easier for Google engine crawlers to crawl and organize your website content so you can be more likely rank higher in search engine rankings!

Structured data markup can be used to stylize your web pages and provide rich results for users. There are many different types of structured markup, but some common ones include breadcrumbs (the directory structure on a website), logos or imagery associated with local businesses like restaurants in an area where they offer services related thereto.

Structured Schema provides your business’s geographical information, including location, contact number, opening hours, etc.

Structured data improves the search experience for users by giving them a better definition of what they are looking at. By helping Google’s web crawler to find the specific content to include in the enhancement or rich result, brands can make their listing look even more appealing to the target audience.

PageTraffic’s technical experts are skilled at implementing the latest markup types that will help your search results have an even greater impact with users. Structured data can be completed by knowledgeable web developers, while schema.org implementation requires expertise in SEO best practices and our services include this type of content enhancement for you!

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Image Optimization

People have a natural preference for visual content, which makes it easier to digest and read. There’s no one who likes staring at wall-to-wall text!

Optimized images are important for a great user experience and SEO. That’s why it can become critically devastating when Google notices that your site’s images aren’t optimized and treats them as such!

Our SEO experts will make sure your images are optimized for the user and Google alike.

  • Improves page load speed
  • Adds SEO Value
  • Increase site’s web accessibility
  • Improves site user experience.
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Website indexation issues

Website indexation issues

Slow page speed

Slow page load

incorrect language pages

Images that are not search friendly

mobile performance

Poor mobile performance

Multiple errors reported

Multiple errors reported in Google Search Console

organic traffic

Sudden drop in organic traffic

Need help with a specific technical SEO issue?

We offer a wide variety of technical SEO services designed to improve your organic rankings.



Rank your website higher in search engines without adding any new content. 

New Website Builds


Launching a new website is one of the greatest risks to SEO performance, but also an opportunity for your business. We’ve helped many organizations through this process – from day one on project right up until launch- and ensured they took their traffic with them when migrating over or switching in order maximize potential rankings across all search engines.


International SEO can be a mix of content and technical configuration. From designing an effective strategy for target markets, to adapting the site’s information so it suits customers in each respective market–search engines must understand your website well enough as well as drive visitors towards their correct location on any given page or even straight out!

Targeting Global Markets
Single Page Applications


The use of JavaScript for interactivity has become more common in recent years, but it’s important to know what you’re getting into. If your site doesn’t work on Google because their algorithms cannot find or index any content due these techniques used by developers then we can help avoid this problem with our services!


Believe it or not, the structure of your website and how visitor navigate through it can have a significant impact on what search engines perceive as well-organized content. If visitors find themselves having trouble reaching certain pages because they’re buried in navigation menus or linked together like puzzle pieces with no flow to them then this may cause issues for both user and Google.

We’ll make sure you maximize every opportunity with our technical specialists who will help you by fixing any issues in the site’s internal linking system so its easier for visitors as well as the search engines.

Structure and Linking
Optimizing Search Engine Results


We all know how important it is to rank high in search engine results. The way your website appears on a particular SERP can either win or lose you traffic, depending upon the design and optimization of course!

Our SEO Specialists will ensure that your site shows up correctly in SERPs including maximizing the usage and display of structured schema and proper display of titles and meta descriptions in the search results.


We help you rank higher on Google by making your website faster. Our services are not just about improving user experience, but also increasing conversion rates and ranking better in the search engine results page (SERP). Our technical team works to diagnose any issues that may be holding back your site’s performance which can range from a slow hosting service, image size or coding issues. In addition: “We show people how Google perceive their websites” and help fix any speed issues your site might be experiencing

Loading Speeds
Mobile SEO


It’s not enough to simply make your website responsive anymore. Mobile has become the first touchpoint for most consumers, and Google is taking this into account with their latest updates – so if you want any chance of being found online then it’ll be crucial for your business’s future success that it’s mobile-first!


The unique technical challenges of ecommerce websites present a lot for search engines to keep track off. They’re large and contain lots similar pages, making it difficult for search engines to prioritze URLs. They also tend to have hi-resolution images and multi-media content. At the same time, there are opportunities to gain more from Google through its image search and rich search features which are usually overlooked.


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Frequently asked questions about technical SEO

Some of the more common questions our clients are asking regarding Technical SEO Audits.

Why is technical SEO important?

Technical SEO is the practice of optimizing a website’s infrastructure and architecture in order to improve the site’s search engine ranking. It focuses on improving factors such as page load speed, crawlability, indexability and more. Technical SEO can be a complex and daunting process, but it’s essential for any site looking to rank well in search engines.

What is a technical SEO audit?

A technical SEO audit is a review of a website to identify potential areas of improvement with the aim of improving the site’s search engine ranking. The audit will typically cover areas such as website structure, crawling and indexing, link authority, on-page optimization, and technical issues.

How long does it take to undertake a technical SEO audit?

It can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month, depending on the size and complexity of the website.

What are some examples of technical SEO?

Some examples of technical SEO include optimizing your website for search engine crawlers, ensuring your website is properly indexed, and improving your website’s load time.

What’s included in your technical SEO audit?

PageTraffic offers a technical SEO audit that includes the following:

  • Website analysis
  • Indexability check
  • Robots.txt analysis
  • Sitemap analysis
  • Broken links check
  • Google search console setup

What are typical technical SEO activities?

Some common technical SEO activities include optimizing website code, improving website load speed, and fixing broken links. These activities help to improve a website’s visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

How much does a technical SEO audit cost?

The cost of a technical SEO audit can vary depending on the size and complexity of the website. Generally, prices start at around Rs.40,000 for a basic audit. More comprehensive audits that include a review of all on-page elements and recommendations for improvement can cost upwards of Rs.80,000.

What is the difference between on-page SEO and technical SEO?

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing individual web pages so they rank higher and attract more visitors from search engines which includes content and meta modifications. Technical SEO, on the other hand, is the practice of ensuring a website’s technical infrastructure is optimized to draw in more organic search traffic. This includes optimizing site speed, implementing schema markup, and fixing errors that may be hindering the site crawl.