Top 16 of the Best SEO Tools & SEO Reporting Software

To run your search engine marketing campaign successfully, you need to use advanced SEO tools and reporting software. With the help of professional SEO services, you can use them most effectively. But before hiring experts, you need to know which analytics and reporting tools can work well for your SEO campaign.

Here is a list of the best SEO tools and SEO reporting software for your search engine marketing campaign:

1. SEMRush

SEMRush is a popular keyword research and position tracking tool that adds value to your competitor’s research. It offers a variety of position tracking features, such as limitless competitors’ tracking, discovery report, projects merge reports, locations and devices’ reports, and SERP feature filters. If you want to start ahead of your competitors in SEO, social media, and business campaigns, SEMRush can be the perfect tool.


One of the most distinguishing features of SERMrush is the capability of integrating Google Search Console when creating disavow files. You learn the harmful likes, which helps to click “disavow”.


  • Monitor and manage organic rankings easily
  • Build unique PPC campaigns
  • Upgrade content marketing efforts
  • Generate clear reports
  • Evaluate and monitor social media marketing

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the most popular reporting tools most leading SEO agencies use. Many businesses have experienced massive successes in their search engine marketing campaigns only because of this tool. They have also recommended using Ahrefs as an online SEO tool. Besides checking backlinks, Ahrefs has quite a large data index containing 12 trillion known links, 200 million root domains, and 3 trillion known URLs.

Ahrefs also comes with an SEO site audit tool that focuses on those areas in your website which need modification to optimise search engine rankings. The tool helps you determine your competitors’ backlinks, which works well for your website users.


One of the most distinguishing features of Ahrefs is the site crawler that visits more than 6 billion websites every 30 minutes and updates indexes because of which the tool has the biggest base of live links.


  • Perform keyword research for search engines
  • Check ‘clicks’ data, backlink increase/decrease over time, traffic’s top subfolders, and keyword click distributions.
  • Estimate total search traffic
  • Evaluate SERP history
  • Identify content gaps and link opportunities with Content Explorer
  • Analyse inbound backlinks and monitor external links
  • Check ranking history and receive keyword ranking notifications

3. Google Search Console

Google Search Console (GSC) is one of the finest online analytical SEO tools that inform webmasters regarding how frequently Google crawls its websites. As websites get added to the dashboard, Google verifies them and brings back a series of pertinent information regarding the websites ranging from the last time the website was cracked to URLs/links’ errors.

Google Search Console

GWT has a statistics pane that displays how Google and other search engines perceive the websites, search queries, and subscriber statistics information. You can see information about external links to the listed websites and the internal linking framework of listed sites in the GWT links section.


  • Check your website
  • Add a sitemap to improve Google index relevant web pages
  • Optimise existing posts to boost traffic
  • Clean up your website links
  • Fix any HTML or server error

4. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a well-known SEO spider tool and website crawler which retrieves SEO elements from web pages for analysis and helps in exporting them to other programs. After the export to programs like Excel, you can formulate a database of SEO recommendations. This tool works well for assessing medium and large websites and eliminates time-consuming manual activities.

Screaming Frog

You can identify broken links in websites, evaluate metadata and page titles, find duplicate content and retrieve data from the web pages’ HTML implementing CSS path. Screaming Frog helps you to merge with Google Analytics, spot temporary and permanent redirects, and generate XML sitemaps.


  • Identify broken links
  • Find out duplicate content
  • Review redirects
  • Audit directives and meta robots
  • Assess metadata and page titles

5. Moz

Moz, earlier known as SEOmoz, is a SaaS company that adds value to the context of analytics. It offers quite a bit of a different thing in readily available SEO reporting. Moz is affiliated with over 1 billion digital marketers worldwide. It features an SEO Toolbox, which helps users search keyword suggestions, correct search volume data, and SEO competition.


This SEO tool hosts other related tools that help users to check on-page metrics, explore content development and link building options and find how one of your campaigns differs from your competitors in any given situation. Moz platform has everything required to perform keyword research, manage, crawl, manage the position of keyword search and generate detailed reports.


  • Boost search engine rankings
  • Detect key website issues
  • Understand website visitor behaviors
  • Build links

6. KWFinder

KWFinder is an advanced SEO keyword tool that helps you discover long-tail keywords that may not have a high level of competition. This tool helps you avoid keywords that may have certain SEO difficulty issues while focussing search on keywords, which tends to improve your search engine rank.

With KWFinder, you can discover the perfect keywords for your SEO campaign and run analysis reports on SERPs or backlinks. It is a potent tool that returns precise search volumes for near variant keywords using the relevant data.


KWFinder also helps you narrow down keyword research to a local level, including cities, States, regions, and countries, while offering more than 40 language options to filter localised search results further.


  • Identify long-tail keywords which strike the perfect balance between high search volumes and low competition.
  • View search results for a specific keyword and check what else displays for that keyword
  • Create a list of keywords depending on their search volumes(past and current), estimated CPC(paid search), paid search difficulties (indicated by the PPC) index, and SEO difficulties (indicated by the KD index)

7. Sprout Social

Building a massive social media presence these days can always help you increase your customer outreach and grow your business. If you want to use an SEO analytic tool, which can do wonders in social media marketing, Sprout Social can be a great choice. It is an SEO tool that integrates page management, schedule planning, and posts.

Sprout Social helps users check performance and metrics in one dashboard with excellent features. It is an all-inclusive tool with an integrated CRM system, which helps users access multiple profiles, companies, and departments simultaneously.

Sprout Social

Besides being compatible with leading social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Linkedin, this tool allows users to follow an integrated approach to manage accounts without using individual tools for every social media outlet.


  • Organise information in 6 areas
  • Display messages from followers and fans in a single stream
  • Filter messages which you want to see
  • Automatically queue scheduled messages
  • Click the ” checkmark” icon to remove messages from the stream
  • Discover Twitter follower profiles

8. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is a high-quality SEO analytic tool that offers robust tools to track customer interactions. The tool focuses on delivering metrics that monitor a customer’s interaction with your website in all states. This tool displays metrics and search engine ranks and tracks website visitors and their activities.


One of the best things about Kissmetrics is its exceptional efficiency. Users can manage various analytics and track metrics in a single view with their unique features and services.


  • Get valuable insight into revenue data with revenue reports.
  • See all channels attracting money.
  • Identify what works well with users with A/B testing
  • Find what restricts your growth in the online marketplace
  • Segment traffic to find what converts well and increase the right target customers
  • Get in touch with different segments with a customised message by exporting lists
  • Create reports to know audience online interaction from unknown to shortlisted ones
  • Track use and retention with Kissmetrics Cohort Reporting.
  • Check group behavior with the changing customer and competitor needs

9. Trendspottr

Trendspottr is a real-time content optimisation and keyword research tool which predicts future trends, influences, and content related to viewer sentiments on certain topics and interests. This tool helps you catch on to targeted viral content in advance, making it a lucrative tool for social marketers, media houses, and bigger campaigns.



  • Identify emerging trends, real-time trending influencers, and pre-viral content.
  • Customise with keywords, search terms, and topics
  • Filter depending on language for worldwide reach and impact
  • Connect with brand advocates and trending influencers
  • Share popular images, videos, and stories on social media platforms
  • Check Recent Posts and engage with Twitter users by sharing the latest content

10. Market Muse

It is a content optimisation tool that scans website content and compares it to the same finding on other websites. Market Muse gives suggestions regarding the lacking content for users.

The AAI activation helps you speed up your content development process and stay ahead of your competitors.

Market Muse


  • Get valuable insight to upgrade content development and optimisation.
  • Identify keywords that will improve your search engine rankings over competitors.
  • Write better and more informed content, which gives you the best possible feedback.

11. Search Latte

Search Latte is a global SEO tool, making it easy to view detailed worldwide Google search results. This tool creates Google searches for GGoogle-supported domains in every country or language.

Search Latte

It is an SEO tool that can be great for SEO campaigns and global marketing purposes.


  • Open-source design system
  • Templates, infrastructure, and security updates
  • Automate backups and feature upgrades
  • Monitor 24/7 and scan log and alerts

Rival IQ attracts competitors into plain sight and allows users to see where they stand. You get concise and accurate details regarding social media options and keyword rankings.

12. Rival IQ

As a digital marketer, you can monitor your competitors’ moves and make informed decisions accordingly. This tool analyses social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin pages.

Rival IQ


  • Detect and analyse posts
  • Send alerts
  • Compare social media performance against your industry competitors
  • Tag posts
  • Analyse posted URL
  • Track title and meta tag
  • Add social metrics to Data Studio dashboards quickly

13. GrowthBar

GrowthBar is an SEO tool that helps you grow and supersede your competitors. You get access to billions of keyword difficulty scores, keyword suggestions, and relevant long-tail keywords. You can also track your website’s keyword ranks and get suggestions on improving that.

You can see your website’s organic keywords, backlinks, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads, and thus, you can smarter inform your strategy. Export data to CSV and create content outlines for your website or blog with relevant keywords, links, images, headers, and word counts. GrowthBar saves your time in content planning and development. You can use GrowthBar Google Chrome Extension for free via your account.



  • Get all the important data to perform an SEO campaign
  • Chrome extension helps you to easily access SEO data
  • Apply no limits to domain queries or keyword research
  • Use for five days without charges

14. Whitespark

Whitespark is an SEO tool that helps users with content optimisation, technical SEO, and link building. This SEO tool features a local citation finder that helps users identify citation sources to boost rankings metrics in local Google searches.  

This tool can always help in finding citations from users and competitors.



  • Easily use the powerful features
  • Offers customisation options
  • Delivers accurate report
  • Presents data in an actionable way

15. Siteliner

Siteliner is an excellent tool to identify issues and duplicate content on websites. Once you enter a domain name, Siteliner crawls the website and returns content information.

Its web crawler follows the most competent SEO standards and contains a Powerpage feature, an inbound linking tool, which shows the number of times someone links to any of your web pages.



  • Identify technical SEO errors and duplicate content
  • Compare web page speeds and sizes
  • Balance inbound and outbound links
  • Replace broken links

16. Brandwatch

Brandwatch streamlines activities involved with social monitoring related to brands and niches. It crawls over 85 million websites for information related to a social media campaign or business.

You also get a competitor’s analysis, which helps you make informed decisions for your social media campaigns.



  • Scour social media to get brand insights
  • Monitor management and target certain audiences
  • Track the online presence of different segments
  • Search social media for terms the research on
  • Engage target communities and assign workflow

The Bottom Line

Finding the perfect SEO tools to conduct analysis and reporting activities is tricky. Once you find and use the right tools, you can effectively perform keyword research, optimise social media, and accomplish all relevant tasks perfectly.

With the proper implementation of the SEO analytical and reporting tools mentioned above, you can save a lot of time yet get lucrative long-term results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are SEO tools necessary?

Yes, SEO tools are much needed in the arsenal of every SEO expert. They are useful in tracking your ranking, conducting keyword research, check your website for any errors, and also provide useful insights about your competition.

Should I use free or paid SEO tools?

It depends on your budget as well as requirement. Agencies would definitely do better with paid ones, while individuals with simple, small websites can try the free versions.

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