From Novice to Pro: 80 Digital Product Ideas That Sell

The digital landscape is vast and ever-evolving. Yet, within this vastness, lie myriad opportunities just waiting to be harnessed. Digital Product Ideas—three words that encapsulate a world of potential, a path that can transform a budding entrepreneur into a seasoned professional. 

Just imagine, stepping into the arena with a handful of concepts, and leaving with an arsenal of eighty proven strategies that promise not just recognition but tangible sales. But where does one start? How does one sift through the overwhelming plethora of options to identify those golden geese? This is more than just a list; it’s a comprehensive guide filled with insights, nuances, and the subtle art of product creation. 

So, whether you’re standing at the inception of your digital journey or looking to refine your approach, there’s something in this treasure trove for everyone. Dive in, and let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

Why Should You Sell Digital Products?

If you’re still on the fence, here are six compelling reasons to delve into digital product sales:

  1. Infinite Inventory: You’ll never face stock-outs. A digital product, once created, can be sold endlessly.
  2. Passive Income Stream: After the initial setup, your sales system can run autonomously. Relax and watch your efforts pay off.
  3. Scalability: Boost your sales without the hassles of inventory or production management.
  4. Minimal Startup Capital: Launching a digital product business doesn’t require significant investment. Craft a product within your budgetary confines.
  5. Lifestyle Benefits: It offers flexibility, freeing up your time for pursuits that matter most to you, be it adopting a pet, engaging in a hobby, or indulging in travel.
  6. Broadened Client Base: Even if some potential clients can’t afford your premium services, they might be keen on your digital products, making your brand more inclusive.

If this doesn’t spell out a match made in heaven, we’re not sure what does. Digital products can be both a steady income source and a launchpad for future entrepreneurial endeavors.

Leveraging social media marketing services can exponentially amplify a digital product’s visibility, driving a surge in potential customers. These tools not only enhance online presence but also connect products directly with their target audience.

Types of Digital Products

The digital realm offers a plethora of product varieties. A glance at our compilation reveals that most digital offerings can be segmented into several categories:

Ebooks and PDF Resources: Digital books or informative documents, they could range from gripping fiction to invaluable how-to guides.

Software: This encompasses a diverse array of digital tools such as apps, widgets, themes, and plugins optimized for electronic devices.

Digital Media: This category lets you monetize creative online outputs like podcasts, videos, images, and other digital creations.

Digital Art and Graphics: Leverage your artistic prowess to create and market unique digital artworks.

Online Courses and Communities: With the ease of crafting online courses, imparting your wisdom has never been simpler. Communities further enhance your reputation in your expertise niche.

While not all choices might align with your vision or venture, the breadth of options ensures there’s something for everyone, tailored to individual proficiencies and sectors. Now, let’s delve into the expansive list.

80 Digital Product Ideas

Armed with the allure of digital products, let’s explore some top-notch product inspirations. Our digital product ideas list encompasses 80 innovative suggestions spanning 15 distinct business verticals. If your niche doesn’t feature here, take these suggestions as a springboard and adapt them to your expertise.

For Bloggers

Digital offerings like ebooks or e-courses can diversify the revenue streams for bloggers. However, it’s paramount that the paid content surpasses the value and quality of what you disseminate for free. Here are some tailored ideas for bloggers:

  1. Membership Sites: Establish a platform where enthusiasts pay recurring fees (monthly or annually) to access exclusive content.
  2. Planners: Showcase your organizational acumen through downloadable planners or journals, guiding users on optimizing their daily routines.
  3. Podcasts: Engage with industry stalwarts, discuss trending topics, and disseminate invaluable insights through episodic audio content.
  4. Downloadable Guides: Produce guides that resonate with your blog’s theme. For instance, a craft-centric blogger can curate a detailed digital guide elucidating a specific DIY project.
  5. Paid Newsletters: Curate a subscription-based newsletter, delving deeper into the subjects your blog touches upon. Use your blog as a promotional tool to boost newsletter subscriptions. A case in point is “A Media Operator”, which leverages its complimentary blog and newsletter as teasers for its premium weekly dispatches.
Membership Sites Options
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For Freelancers

Throughout their journey, freelancers acquire a wealth of knowledge and experience. This can be channeled into creating digital products that serve as tools or resources for various facets of freelancing, be it project management, marketing, design, or even accounting. Once the product is complete, freelancers can promote it through email marketing campaigns.

  1. Freelance Guide for Beginners: Author an ebook detailing your initiation into freelancing.
  2. Certified Online Course: Develop a course that earns recognition within your professional domain.
  3. Online Community: For instance, HerSuiteSpot has carved a niche with its online platform offering mentorship and resources tailored for female entrepreneurs and freelancers.
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For Wellness Coaches

Digital wellness products focus on enhancing individuals’ health and overall well-being. Ranging from apps to online programs, they offer insights, support, and tools for fitness, nutrition, mental health, and personal growth. Life coaches or wellness experts can leverage such products to reach a broader audience.

  1. Paid Newsletter: Offer subscribers exclusive access to guided meditations, tutorials, and more.
  2. Audio Recordings: Market concise audio sessions for guided meditations and mindfulness exercises.
  3. Video Courses: Design instructional videos on stress management, relaxation techniques, and healthy living practices.
  4. Printable Journals: For instance, IlluminateCommunications has an enticing wellness planner, a printable journal focused on tracking well-being.
Wellness Coaches
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For Designers

Design skills are always in demand, and the realm of digital design products is vast. Here’s an array of business ideas for designers:

  1. Background Images: Craft beautiful wallpapers for computers and smartphones.
  2. Custom Emojis: Design distinctive emojis to make text communications stand out.
  3. Printable Posters: Create unique posters for users to print and adorn their spaces.
  4. Fonts: Devise innovative fonts and typography styles.
  5. Photoshop Templates: Offer ready-to-use designs, from product mockups to unique page layouts.
  6. Business Card Templates: Provide layouts to craft visually engaging professional cards.
  7. Infographics: Design templates that efficiently present data.
  8. Presentation Templates: Help users construct engaging slideshows.
  9. Invitation Templates: For occasions like weddings, create impactful invitations.
  10. Comic Templates: Cater to graphic novel enthusiasts and comic artists.
  11. Origami Templates: Offer printable templates for paper folding enthusiasts.
  12. 3D Printer Designs: Share 3D printable schematics with the community.
  13. Icon Sets: Curate distinctive icon collections for web design.
  14. Animations: For videographers and YouTubers, craft unique animations.
  15. Premade Graphic Designs: Offer ready-to-use designs for online sale.
  16. Website Design Checklist: Firms like Alberta Designs, known for their website creations, use such lists to attract a wider audience beyond their direct clientele.
For Designers
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For IT Specialists

The expertise of IT specialists is highly sought after. With the increasing dependence of businesses on IT for seamless operations, there’s a vast potential for digital products in this sector. This could range from software applications for desktops to mobile device apps. Below are some digital product suggestions tailored for IT professionals:

  1. Mobile Apps: After developing an app, consider offering a premium version or incorporating in-app purchases.
  2. Video Games: Design video games and monetize through subscriptions, in-game purchases, or set pricing.
  3. Website Themes: Craft predesigned themes that clients can readily apply to their websites.
  4. Browser Plugins: Develop extensions that enhance browser functionality and personalize user experiences.
  5. Hosting: Offer clients server space to store their files and data online.
  6. Code Snippets: Share reusable code segments with clients to integrate into their websites.
  7. Integrations: Design a product that seamlessly merges with another. For instance, Collect.Chat integrates chatbot functionality into websites.
IT Specialists
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For Companies and Startups

Entrepreneurs and business owners harbor a wealth of knowledge and experience. By transforming their business acumen into digital products, they can disseminate valuable strategies and insights. Here are some digital product concepts for this demographic:

  1. Business Podcast: As audio content gains traction, capitalize on it. With basic equipment like a USB microphone, free editing tools like Audacity, and podcast hosting, you’re set to launch.
  2. Resume Templates: Curate CV designs that can bolster job applications.
  3. Career Advice Ebooks: Chronicle your professional journey, detailing experiences and insights.
  4. Job Newsletters: Offer a subscription-based newsletter spotlighting prime job vacancies in your sector.
  5. Masterclasses: Disseminate your niche expertise through online courses.
  6. Online Communities: Foster a digital environment where professionals can network and share resources. Superpath, catering to content marketers, exemplifies this concept.
Companies Startups
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For Writers

Writers, the digital realm beckons! Your choices bifurcate into either marketing your own literary pieces or crafting resources for fellow writers. Here are some tailored suggestions:

  1. Fiction and Non-fiction Ebooks: Monetize your literary prowess by selling your creations.
  2. Spin-offs and Short Stories: If a particular book resonates with readers, consider offering supplemental content like deleted scenes, spin-offs, or related short narratives.
  3. Self-Publishing Guides: The self-publishing journey can be intricate. If you’ve navigated its intricacies, consider sharing your roadmap.
  4. Book Planning Templates: Many aspiring authors struggle with structuring their ideas. Offer downloadable templates to streamline their writing process.
  5. How to Write Ebooks: Consider curating a comprehensive guide or kit for budding authors.
  6. Proofreading Communities: Create a dedicated space where writers can exchange feedback. Platforms like Critique Circle, which offers tiered memberships, can serve as an inspiration.
For Writers
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For Artists

The digital age is a boon for artists. Beyond selling physical art pieces, artists can monetize digital creations. Here are some inspired ideas tailored for artists:

  1. Painting Video Tutorials: Produce video tutorials offering graded instruction on painting techniques.
  2. Drawing Guides: Design step-by-step PDF guides on drawing, spanning various themes – from urban landscapes to portraits.
  3. Design Templates: Depending on your expertise, share sewing patterns, sculpture templates, or other craft designs.
  4. Email Course: Launch a month-long email series, guiding subscribers through the intricacies of the creative process.
  5. Clip Art Images: Craft versatile images convertible to icons, available for download and integration into websites.
  6. Printable Coloring Sheets: Create downloadable coloring pages. An example is the Frida Kahlo coloring sheet crafted by Fox + Hazel.
For Artists
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For Beauty Professionals

Beauty professionals have a wealth of expertise that can be shared online. With an increasing demand for beauty hacks, product recommendations, and trending makeup techniques, the digital space offers numerous opportunities. Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Home Recipes for Skin: Curate an e-book filled with DIY skin care recipes using everyday ingredients.
  2. Hair and Makeup Tutorials: With beauty tutorials garnering millions of views on platforms like YouTube, consider launching a subscription service where subscribers receive exclusive tutorials weekly.
  3. Certified Courses: Offer comprehensive courses allowing participants to delve deeper into the beauty realm, akin to what the Institute of Makeup Artistry provides.
For Beauty Professionals
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For Childcare

Parents and educators understand the significance of engaging children meaningfully. Digital products for childcare can range from educational apps to activity schedulers. Delve into these ideas:

  1. Printable Games and Riddles: Craft stimulating activities such as crosswords, word searches, or mazes for kids.
  2. Children’s Audiobooks: Narrate short stories and sell them as audiobooks, providing entertainment for children during travels or bedtime.
  3. Virtual Field Trips: Collaborate with platforms like The Thinking Kid to conduct immersive sessions on diverse topics, from Aesop’s fables to outer space.
For Childcare
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For Food Enthusiasts

Chefs, home cooks, and culinary aficionados, your passion for food can translate into engaging digital content. Share your gastronomic wisdom with these appetizing digital product ideas:

  1. Nutrition Plans: As healthy eating gains momentum, curate balanced meal plans tailored for various dietary needs.
  2. Recipe Recommendation App: Develop an AI-driven app that suggests recipes based on users’ preferences, available ingredients, and culinary skill levels.
  3. Virtual Food Tours: Collaborate with local culinary establishments to produce immersive tours, showcasing behind-the-scenes glimpses of kitchens, culinary techniques, and signature dishes.
  4. Food and Wine Pairing Service: Provide recommendations on wine pairings based on dishes or individual preferences, enhancing the dining experience.
  5. Recipe Ebooks: Share your signature dishes with the world. Create an ebook to distribute your culinary masterpieces, similar to what This Savory Vegan does. Why keep those delectable recipes to yourself?
Food Enthusiasts
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For Musicians

The digital age has revolutionized the music industry. With 70% of internet users streaming music monthly, musicians have a vast audience waiting online.

  1. Song Downloads: Offer songs online, allowing users to buy and download. Differentiate pricing based on personal or commercial usage.
  2. Online Courses: Design a course teaching musical instruments or vocal techniques.
  3. Sound Effects: Cater to filmmakers and content creators by offering unique sound effects.
  4. Voiceovers: Provide voiceover services for different projects, from commercials to animations.
  5. Instrumental Tracks: Release and sell tracks sans vocals for various purposes.
  6. Beats: Create and retail music beats. Websites like Brad Kins Beats have carved a niche in selling beats online.
For Musicians
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For Personal Trainers

Channel your fitness expertise into digital products that not only cater to existing clients but also appeal to potential ones. Share snippets of your content on social media to pique interest.

  1. Workout Video Subscription: Engage subscribers by offering a fresh workout video each week, ensuring they are consistently challenged.
  2. Meal-prep Plans: Aid your clientele in their culinary journey with weekly nutritious recipes and meal prep guides. Deliver these as weekly PDFs or compile them into an e-book.
  3. Workout Programs: Design specialized programs targeting different demographics. For instance, fitness coach Dorota Soto created an 8-week regimen specifically for busy moms. The package also includes exclusive access to a dedicated Facebook group and exercise tutorial videos.
For Personalttrainers
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For Photographers

The demand for photographers spans diverse sectors – weddings, corporate events, product shoots, and more. Leverage your expertise to craft digital products that resonate with your audience.

  1. Photoshop Presets: Offer presets and filters to help clients achieve desired aesthetics for their digital platforms.
  2. Stock Photos: Provide monthly photo collections to subscribers. For instance, Michelle Buchanan offers a monthly photo pack, an offering that could potentially steer customers toward her premium services.
For Photographers
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For Videographers

In today’s digital age, videos dominate internet content, capturing the interest of audiences worldwide. If you’re into videography, consider delving into the following digital product avenues:

  1. Short Films: Offer your short films to festivals or utilize platforms like Vimeo to sell directly to your audience.
  2. Video Animation Intros: These are a hit amongst YouTube content creators, allowing them to seamlessly integrate pre-designed intro templates into their videos.
  3. Stock Videos: Perhaps you’ve captured a staged battle scene or rare wildlife footage. Other videographers and content creators might be interested. Consider selling such footage as stock video clips.
  4. Videography Tutorials: Create a series that guides novices through the basics of videography, from equipment choices to specialized filming techniques.
  5. LUTs and Presets: Take inspiration from creators like Jeven Dovey, who offer pre-configured video color schemes for other videographers.
For Videographers
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Wrapping Up

The dynamic realm of the digital world offers boundless opportunities for crafting and retailing digital products. Be it innovative ideation, tech expertise, or industry-specific insights, niches are abundant, allowing individuals to specialize and excel. Digital products, characterized by their easy creation process, low overheads, and global reach, present a promising entrepreneurial avenue.

Whether you’re exploring e-books, online courses, apps, or virtual experiences, success in the digital realm hinges on delivering value, offering problem-solving solutions, and keeping a pulse on market demands. So, embrace the digital challenge. Venture forth, harness technology, and embark on a journey that promises immense growth and impactful contributions.


Where can digital products be sold?

You can retail digital items on your personal website, integrating it with a safe payment gateway. This direct approach eliminates the fees often associated with third-party platforms.

Can I sell items online without a website?

Absolutely! Numerous platforms like Gumroad, Amazon, Udemy, Etsy, and eBay allow you to list and sell your digital products, even if you don’t own a website.

What kinds of digital products can I offer?

While our extensive list provides numerous options, the key is to identify the right fit. Study what peers in your domain are offering, gauge your strengths and passions, and assess audience needs before finalizing your digital product.

How do I create digital products?

Several tools facilitate digital product creation. For instance, Canva is excellent for design, Audacity and GarageBand for audio production, and platforms like iMovie and DaVinci Resolve are superb for video creation.

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