How Can Remarketing Boost Your Revenue?

Q: I plan to run an advertising campaign for my eCommerce site aggressively. There’s a lot of buzz about Remarketing. How can I use Remarketing to increase revenue?

A: Remarketing can be a great option to boost the revenues of your eCommerce website. It is a process that involves product ad display to users who have already visited or browsed at least one page of your website and can be a boon for branding purposes. As users browse your website, an ad pops in different places because it recognizes they have already seen and scanned the product pages.


For instance, you checked out a pair of trousers in an online store and then left the website suddenly without purchasing them. Then, you keep seeing that pair of trousers across the internet as if the ad is following you online. This remarketing process works through cookies on users’ computer tracking their activities. Targeted ad displays depend on this data and offer those products to users that they might have checked earlier.

Remarketing or retargeting helps you convince target customers to make purchases in your online store and increase repeat purchases.

Remarketing is important because:

  • 96% of individuals leave a website before making a purchase
  • More than 60% of the items in the shopping cart are not purchased by customers
  • 49% of the consumers visit a website 2-4 times before making a purchase

Brands have found Remarketing to be really effective in boosting their sales. While 11% are using it to get their competitor’s customers, 56% are using the technique to gain customers & 43% to increase brand awareness.

Why Should You Opt for Remarketing?

Here are the key reasons to go for remarketing to increase your sales:

  • Engage With Audience

Many users leave a website without converting. Most of them don’t submit their phone number, email ID, and contact numbers. While some of them browse a website 2 to 4 times before making a purchase. They spend a lot of time checking the product features and comparing them in various online stores.

However, brands want to boost their sales and meet customer demand as they can’t afford to lose loyal customers. Retargeting helps business organisations to follow users on different sites, promote products and services depending on their needs. This process helps you to stay engaged with your target customers.

You can learn about customers through engagement and remarket them depending on their exclusive behaviours.

  • Increase Brand Awareness

70% of marketers use remarketing to enhance their brand awareness and recognition online. Reputable brands would always want customers to identify them immediately. The more people recognize your brand quickly, the higher chances of increasing sales.

You can rebuild brand awareness through remarketing. Suppose a customer adds a product to the cart in your online store and leaves your website. In that case, you can target them via a Google Ad, Facebook marketing, other social media advertisements and even send them direct emails. You can also upgrade your product line and brand name to get into the minds of maximum customers and attract sales.

  • Boost Website Conversions

Approximately 56% of companies implement the marketing strategy to earn specific customers. Remarketing increases your chances to regain by displaying ads on various platforms.

Remarketing advertisements like Facebook ads help your brand to offer different deals and attract such people to revisit your website and win the deal. You need to check the total number of times your target customers visit your website repeatedly as many of them browse your products before buying anything.

  • Attract Competitors’ Customers

Approximately 11% of companies implement remarketing to reach out to their competitors’ customers. The remarketing strategy implementation helps your ads to display on your customers’ browsers after they visit your website or look for certain keywords.

Thus, you can target your audience who have already visited websites related to your products/services and your competitors’.

So, these are some of the major reasons to go for remarketing for sales increase. Now, let’s look at the remarketing strategies you can apply to boost sales and revenues.

Effective Remarketing Techniques to Grow Your Sales

So, now you know what remarketing is. But what are the most effective techniques to boost your sales and profits?

Find them below:

  • Promote More Than Targeting Products

Content marketing has evolved as a tool to generate inbound traffic in the eCommerce industry. Many eCommerce brands implement retargeting to promote products in their online store to customers who interacted in a certain manner with those product pages. But you can touch more than only targeting products. Content marketing has evolved as a tool to generate inbound traffic in the eCommerce industry.

You can implement retargeting to attract traffic towards your content. If you have a blog, case study, or ebook that has performed exceptionally well online, you can conduct retargeting ad campaigns to attract customers to the trending content.

Make sure you exclude those people who have already done the content. It is not advisable to use new content. You should check analytics and use other tools that have proved to be effective.

  • Target Content Marketing to Specific Activities

Retargeting needs to be always dependent on segmentation. You should not target all users who visit your website, segregate it down and be granular. For instance, you can split your website visitors into activities, such as customers who –  have visited certain category pages, added products to a wish list or cart, read your “About Us” page, check your customer service or contact pages, delivering highly targeted ads with relevant content to such segments so you get products and content in front of the right customers.

  • Set Up Exclusions Depending on Time On-site Data

Pixel data contains every user who visits your website in your website within your specified segments. Even if you target a segment, you do not tend to target every user in that segment. Ensure you filter out the visitors who spend a brief timespan (19 seconds or less) on your website.

Don’t invest your retargeting budget on people who contribute largely to your bounce rate without investing a long time on your website. Such people are the least likely to convert when they see your online advertisement. You need to spend a little time setting up exclusions with Google Analytics. However, managing an audience in this way can significantly boost your ROI.

  • Handle Cart Abandonment

When you are new in the online retail industry, you can realise in a few days that abandoning carts is quite a critical issue. Many customers abandon their virtual shopping carts before finishing their transactions. According to a survey, the average cart abandonment rate is less than 70%. You can implement remarketing to decrease cart abandonment rates largely.

If you use Google Analytics, you can easily track your website. The tracking gives you a clear idea of the total number of users who get close to the “Check Out” but don’t make a purchase finally. You can use the tool to monitor which products customers add to their carts. This tactic helps you to perform remarketing campaigns to promote your products.

You can offer them a little discount, so they feel like going back to your website and finishing the purchasing process. You can also send them a gentle reminder that their desired products are still available in your online store.

  • Segment Your Audience

In retail, it’s always important to understand the different aspects of your customer base and thus, you should segment your audience. Customers have different needs, preferences, and behaviour, and thus, you need to implement a granular targeting approach. You need to make sure that your ads target customers that would suit their interests.

If you understand the different types of buyer needs and interests, you know which and how segments to target. You shouldn’t prioritise people who leave your website immediately. Focus on those who start a purchase without completing one.

  • Target Previous Customers

To grow your online business consistently, you should retain customers for the long term. You should also try to earn more new customers, which costs much more than retaining existing customers.

Here are some of the strategies to bring back existing customers to your website repeatedly in the coming days:

  • Rebuying
  • Encourage customers to purchase products that they have bought earlier.
  • Reinviting
  • Attract previous customers back to your business.
  • Cross-selling
  • Invite customers to purchase products associated with other purchases.
  • Loyalty Campaigns
  • Offer attractive discounts that always help you impress maximum previous, current, and target customers.
  • Drive Email Signups With Remarketing Traffic

Email marketing, in the form of post-purchase emails sent to customers, can always help you capture target customers’ attention. You should not disturb customers with repeated emails unless attractive incentives intrigue them to sign up. Try to offer something unique, like insightful content on new product launches, so the customers feel that they won’t get information anywhere else online.

email marketing

Use remarketing traffic to convince an increasing number of people to subscribe to your email list.  When you add the right keywords to your emails, you can utilize Google Ads to promote the content and incentivize users who sign up. Then, you can build more granular lists depending on customer-specific requirements to promote your content and boost conversions and value.

  • Attract Users to Your Shipping and Returns Policy Page

Customers who look for various types of information tend to visit your website’s “Shipping and Returns” page. If any user finds it tough to read your shipping and product return policies, they tend to be quite serious regarding buying any kind of product. Thus, you should target such interested buyers in particular.

They tend to look for reassurance regarding the trust factor in your shipping policies and when they can expect the order delivery at their home. Some of them may also wonder if you offer them free delivery. Target them with ads that reflect your commitment to reliable shipping. You can offer them a guarantee in a specific location or free shipping when it’s applicable.

  • Offer Unbelievable Incentives

Incentives can always be a great trick to capture the attention of target customers and convert them into long-term genuine customers. You only need to decide what kind of incentives you should offer them. Almost all customers like huge discounts and nominal bonuses. If you can offer these types of incentives to customers, most of them would prefer to buy your products repeatedly than from your competitors. Retargeting, if implemented effectively, can boost conversion rates by 147% in your online store.

Remarketing has always proven to be very effective in boosting sales and revenue of an online store. According to research, 43% of people among the retargeted customers tend to convert. You can use remarketing to enjoy its effectiveness as other advertisements, email, and SEO campaigns.

You need to remember that remarketing is a process that helps you to finely target ads depending on the recipients. It is dependent on factors such as individual user interests, preferences, and previous purchases. Remarketing is drastically opposite of implementing a scattershot strategy and targets customers who may be interested in your offerings. Thus, this process works well both for you and your customers.

Make sure you track your remarketing performance with the advanced tools so you can do improvements as and when required. When you interact, automate and visualise data quickly with your team, you can make smarter decisions to grow your business.

The Bottom Line

Customers save time and effort as they get information with key pointers. Remarketing is a process to offer your customers what they want at their convenience. Customers save time and effort as they get information with key pointers. You can tap into the potential of stock visibility to enhance your CX. Well, there are other remarketing techniques you can use besides the ones mentioned above in this post.

This post must have helped you understand that remarketing can boost your sales, conversions, and profits. You need to identify your objectives and formulate a marketing strategy that helps you to meet objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does remarketing help my business?

Remarketing campaigns are a great way to remind and convince visitors who weren’t initially ready to convert yet. With remarketed ads, you can target these people with specific messages in order for them to understand the benefits of your product or service more thoroughly!

How effective can retargeting be?

Research shows that retargeting can lift ad engagement rates up to 400%. The click-through rate (CTR) is 180% higher for users on display network. A retargeting campaign can perform nearly 10 times better than regular display advertising!

What is remarketing audience?

Retargeting audience is the audience who have already shown interest in what you’re selling. They are identified by a list of cookies or mobile-advertising IDs.

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