15 Impressive Instagram Feed Ideas in 2024

Are you looking to spruce up your Instagram feed while also incorporating essential marketing strategies? With the right plan and a little creativity, you can easily create an attractive Instagram profile that will help drive traffic to your website or increase engagement with customers. In this blog post, we’ll show you some exciting Instagram feed ideas to stand out from the crowd.

Brands and influencers need to work extra hard to stand out on Instagram because there is so much competition. In the event that you are seeking to use Instagram for business, or you’re simply attempting to flaunt your talents, you should think about utilizing a theme yourself. You can gain an advantage over other people in your field by sticking to a common theme. It gives you a more polished and professional appearance. It additionally reflects what your identity is and reasserts your image, so when someone visits your profile, it should compel them to follow you. They are more likely to stay on if you have a cohesive profile that clearly reflects who you are and what you do. If you have hired social media marketing services, you may share your ideas with them, and they will implement. However, you manage your Instagram account on your own, this post is for you.

What is an Instagram Theme?

An Instagram theme is a visual style made by people and brands to accomplish a firm look on their Instagram feed. Instagram themes make it easier for digital content creators and social media managers to organize various types of content so that it gives the profile a balanced feel. When you look at your 9 grid, you can see that you have used many elements of visual appeal across all of your Instagram content if you have an Instagram theme. Basically, in many Instagram photos, there will be a particular pattern that is highlighted. Colors, borders, similar photo patterns could be the cause for this and these all help in the overall theme of that feed.

15 Instagram Feed Ideas For You in 2024

  1. Minimal

A minimalist Instagram feed theme is stunning and very pleasing to the eye. You will need to capture objects on a plain white background and only have one or two items per image to maintain this feed. Minimal feeds don’t have many objects and aren’t very busy. Additionally, there is a great deal of natural light, and the photographs are not overly edited. The contrast is typically decreased and the color is typically desaturated.

This minimalistic theme generally features images with muted colors and backgrounds that aren’t distracting. There are no particular colors, patterns, or themes that get in the way. You can begin rehearsing moderation on your own feed by utilizing warm, dim channels and posting photographs with clean lines and focal center focuses. Additionally, avoiding group shots and having only one focus in each image will help carry the visual aesthetic.

Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Single Color

In this type of theme use only one dominant color. This one can be very difficult and restrictive, but when done correctly, it is incredibly pretty and pleasing to the eye. In order to carry out a red Instagram theme, ensure that each of your photos contains a splash of red. If you want your Instagram feed to have a single dominant color, you must ensure that your dominant color is the most prominent element in the majority of your photos.

Single Color
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Bright

Bright and airy feeds are extremely effective for soft brands. Despite the fact that they require a lot of effort to achieve and may be challenging to maintain, they are absolutely stunning and are well worth the extra effort. A brilliant and breezy Instagram feed topic can be accomplished through photographs that have a light-hued foundation, muffled tones and heaps of normal light. Bright white feeds have few pops of color and detail that look so fresh and clean. If you take pictures in a white, bright space with natural light, this Instagram theme will work best for you. To even out the color balance in your feed, carefully arrange photos with pops of color, such as greenery.

Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Transition

Consider the transition theme if you aren’t set on a particular Instagram theme. You can experiment with merging colors every couple of images with this aesthetic. For instance, you could begin with a dark topic and follow beige accents for each picture. Introduce the subsequent color, blue in this case, gradually from there. Your Instagram feed will eventually seamlessly switch between the colors you choose, keeping things interesting but maintaining a consistent look and feel.

Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Color Splash

In ColorSplash, some colors in a photo are highlighted while the rest are rendered in black and white. The pictures that come out of it are eye-catching and make you think. Frequently, followers vote this as their favorite version. PhotoShop can be used to make ColorSplash images. There are numerous online photo editing programs and mobile apps if PhotoShop doesn’t appeal to you. By arranging these images in your 9-grid, you can create an eye-catching visual masterpiece in your feed.

Color Splash
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Flatlay

A flatlay is a picture taken from above in which you arrange products in an appealing manner. To succeed with this idea for an Instagram feed, you will need to plan a lot and use a lot of additional Instagram props and objects to play around with and style your flatlays. Flat Lays are a popular topic for blogs about fashion and retail, especially for showcasing services or outfits without a model. You only need a location for taking pictures with good lighting and the background of your choice. You can reproduce foundations utilizing shaded or finished texture or paper, or make your feed utilizing a couple photoshop tricks.

Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Alternate

Another great strategy for your Instagram feed is to add quotes in between images. You can use quotes to inspire your followers. This is a simple theme for people who don’t know much about photo editing but still want something that stands out. Without being overpowering with a single color, a beautiful aesthetic can be achieved by alternating colors. It also allows you to shoot content with a little more freedom because you won’t have to stick to just one color because you’ll be switching between two different ones.

Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Featured Product

If you are a business, one product against a plain background is an elegant way to show off your products. When you do this, the products become the focus of your feed. You only need a wall and a place to put your product to recreate this theme. That’s about as simple as it gets.

Featured Product
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Black and White

A high contrast Instagram feed can be an inventive way to exhibit your photographs on the off chance that you’re not one for brilliant varieties. Even though it takes skill to take black-and-white photos, they can be a way to achieve a cohesive look without too much editing if you don’t feel confident in your editing abilities. You can utilize pretty much any photograph altering application to change your photograph to highly contrasting. In the Instagram app itself, you can apply black-and-white filters.

Black and White
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Horizontal Lines

Put similar photos in groups of three to recreate this theme on your feed. Each row of photos should have a distinct color contrast between them to make this effect even more striking. This theme can be achieved with just a group of three photos that match, and you won’t need any additional tools. For the best cohesive effect, these should be shot at the same location and time, or with the same colors, styling, and filters.

Horizontal Lines
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Monochrome

You were mistaken to believe that monochrome designs (black and white) might not be appealing to your followers. You can use moody shadows and bright highlights instead of color. Use images with a lot of structure and directionality and increase the contrast in your photos. At the point when you eliminate variety from your feed, you ought to continuously repay with something different for your visitor to check out like solid lines and construction.

Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Puzzle

One of the most innovative layout concepts for Instagram that we can see is puzzle feeds. You can make and personalize your own puzzle piece if you’re an expert in Photoshop or InDesign. Alternatively, you can create a cool puzzle piece effect on your 9-grid by plugging in your own images and colors into the cool templates provided by various apps. Simply create your design, export it, and then import it into Instagram. Before you begin posting, you can check your design on the 9-Grid preview to ensure that everything is in order.

Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Checkerboard

The checkerboard grid has two different colors or post types. The majority of Instagram profiles use this grid to post a photo, a quote, then another photo and a quote. This is ideal for brands and Instagram influencers who want to convey motivational messages to their followers through text and images. Additionally, it is extremely simple to carry out. With quotes, two colors, two photo ideas, contrast, perspective, and people mixed with backgrounds, this looks very good.

Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Floral

People who adore flowers and natural beauty will enjoy this theme. You can post anything with this sort of Instagram feed topic, simply ensure that you’ve generally got that flower component in each post. This is best for businesses that are close to nature and natural beauty and want their Instagram feed to show that love for natural colors and beauty.

Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Vertical Lines

The vertical lines theme idea is one of a few Instagram feed themes that are very popular and stand out. Making vertical lines as a subject would make your whole feed look exceptionally coordinated, yet additionally assists you with adhering to a posting plan. The trick is to post content that fits the brand’s theme but stands out in the middle feed. Posting quotes with the same background color is one way to accomplish this. If you stay with this theme, your quotes will form a vertical line that immediately draws the audience’s attention.

Vertical Lines
Image Source: Pinterest

Steps to Create an Instagram Theme for Your Profile

  1. Choose Your Photos

At the point when you start an Instagram feed, there are such countless choices to browse. The options for filters, colors, styles, and angles are endless. However, it is essential to keep in mind that these elements will not distinguish your theme. The content continues to be the main attraction. Your theme will appear to be a photo dump with the same filter applied if the images on the feed are not balanced. Before selecting a theme for Instagram, select the photos you intend to post in order to curate the ideal theme.

  1. Choose Theme and Create Your Content

Choose a theme for your Instagram account, such as a set of colors, filters, borders, or a particular way to arrange your content such as tiles or vertical lines. You may need additional tools if you decide to use certain colors or filters in your Instagram feed. Presets are one of the most common and simplest ways to keep your colors and tones consistent on Instagram. Presets are settings for editing photos that can be downloaded from a website, vendor, or designer and installed in your Adobe Lightroom app right away. You can also use cool filter apps or stick with Instagram’s photo filters if presets sound like too much work. It’s easy to create a striking and consistent feed with Instagram filter themes.

  1. Edit Content and Publish

Users frequently batch content, opting instead to only take one photo per day and devoting a significant amount of time to the process. Taking twenty photos at once can be much simpler than taking one photo every day for 20 days. Be that as it may, you should conclude which turns out best for you, and which technique you feel most useful doing. Editing your content is necessary after shooting it. Once you have edited it use a planner to see its preview and then you can publish it.

Tips to Improve Your Instagram Feed Theme

  1. Maintain Consistent Color Palettes

Consistency is a crucial aspect of any Instagram theme. For instance, you shouldn’t frequently switch your theme from black-and-white to rainbow because doing so could cause your followers to become confused and harm your brand’s reputation. Obviously, a complete rebranding of your business might necessitate a change in your Instagram strategy, but for the most part, you should keep posting the same kinds of visual content on Instagram.

So, when designing an Instagram theme, you will need to select a color scheme. You might decide to use colors from your brand. Alternatively, you could opt for one of the themes, like black-and-white. Whatever the case may be, if you want to set an Instagram theme, you must use a few colors in all of your content.

  1. Use Same Filters

Consistency is an important part of any Instagram theme, as was mentioned earlier. Because of this, you should choose one or two filters that you like best and use them in all of your posts. You can try the various editing apps out there and use the built-in filters on Instagram. Alternatively, if you want a clean look, you could use only a few editing tools like contrast and exposure instead of using filters. However, in order to create a cohesive feed, you will want to continue editing each post in the same way.

  1. Plan and Post Your Feed

For a variety of reasons, including ensuring that you post at a suitable time of day and with a wide range of content, planning your Instagram posts in advance is essential. In addition, if you want to create a theme for Instagram, you will need to plan your posts in advance to figure out how they will fit together. Just like the pieces of a puzzle, each piece of content needs to support the theme as a whole. To design posts far ahead of time and envision how they build up your feed, you’ll need to utilize an Instagram planner. The best part is that before you press “Publish” on any of your posts, you can use these planners to preview your feed and make sure your theme looks the way you want it to.


Marketing on Instagram is more than just numbers. Because it is currently the social media platform with the most visual content, what you post and how it looks have a direct impact on engagement, followers, and how your brand appears online. Whether you’re using Instagram to promote a product, run a campaign, or convey a value proposition, a consistent theme can help. Every day, more than 60 million photos are uploaded to Instagram. Users on Instagram will glance at your feed briefly, decide it isn’t for them, and leave if you are not up to the mark. You only have a split second to convince them that you are superior to everyone else and that they ought to follow you. Users should want to follow you and should be immediately presented in a better light by themes, giving you an advantage over everyone else and their feeds.


Should I know Photoshop for setting themes to my Instagram feed?

Photoshop knowledge is not necessary for using themes in your Instagram feed. There are many apps available that are very easy to use to make your Instagram theme.

Which is the best theme for an Instagram feed?

There are various themes that look best and it mainly depends on your needs and style. Bright and Alternate are some of the most used themes.

Do I need a separate app for applying filters to my photos?

No, you do not need a separate app. Instagram has tons of filters that you can use to make a unique theme for yourselves.

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