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Are you a writer struggling with plagiarism? Even if you do your best to cite sources and acknowledge borrowed ideas, it is hard to ensure that everything in your writing is unique. Fortunately, there are some free online tools that can help make the check for plagiarism easier and more reliable. In this blog post, we will look at the top free duplicate content checker tools available so that you can create original content with confidence each time!

Copying someone else’s ideas and content without permission is considered plagiarism. In the literary and digital communities, plagiarism is an extremely intolerable act, a practice that all trustworthy people and businesses try to avoid. There are serious consequences for counterfeiting in both the scholar and online world. Not just this, search engines too, frown upon duplicate content. If you hire SEO services from a reputable agency, they will ensure that your content is 100% unique. However, if you are doing it all on your own, here are the top seven free plagiarism checker tools that will assist you in finding duplicate content.

Advantages of Plagiarism Checker Tools

Plagiarizers frequently use information from multiple sources to claim it as their own. A fantastic counterfeiting indicator will give you connections to the first source text so you can confirm where it comes from. If you are accused of plagiarizing someone else’s work, this will show that you did not copy it exactly. It can also demonstrate the source of your ideas. Writing unique content is important for boosting your digital marketing efforts.

Literary theft checks are valuable for keeping you alert and awake, however they can likewise assist with working on your composition by showing where there are still issues with your content. Using a tool to detect plagiarism, you can determine how much of your writing is original and how much was copied. You’ll be able to get rid of any duplicate content, thanks to this.

Top 7 Free Duplicate Content Checker Tools

Let us take a look at the free duplicate content checker tools available online that will help you in your writing endeavors.

  1. Duplichecker


This is one of the best free tools available online to check plagiarism. Even though it doesn’t have a fancy user interface, it does the job well. You won’t be charged anything. You don’t have to pay for a subscription to use this free plagiarism detector tool, whether you just use it once or plan to use it every day. You are given a layout that is very easy to use and doesn’t require any prior knowledge of plagiarism detection tools.

Duplichecker lets you either upload a Docx or Text file from your computer or copy and paste your text into the field and have it checked for plagiarism. Duplichecker gives you access to 50 plagiarism checks per day if you sign up for free. You can only conduct one plagiarism check per day if you choose not to sign up for free.

  1. Copyscape


You can simply enter the URL of your content into the Copyscape plagiarism checker. It can also determine the percentage of copied content on your website. Copyscape is an interesting tool because it not only tells you what content has been copied from your page but also shows you where. The final result can be notified via email. A plugin for WordPress is included. You can also set up a “private index” so that whenever new content is added to the system, it automatically passes a plagiarism check. A free version is available and the premium version allows up to 10,000 pages to be checked.

  1. Copyleaks


You can keep track of how eLearning content is used all over the Internet with this cloud-based authentication platform. The platform has various sections for educational and business purposes. The education section targets schools, students, and universities, while the business section targets SEO agencies and publishers.

Copyleaks can examine content in different record configurations and all Unicode dialects.

With Copyleaks, you can use the API tool to search the Internet for eLearning content that has been plagiarized. In addition, it provides a mobile app and an MS Office add-on that you can use to check for plagiarism while you are working on a Microsoft Word document.

In order to use this tool you must first create a free account and it is free for only the first ten pages.

  1. Smallseotools


Smallseotools is best for spelling and grammar checks, rewriting articles for content reuse, counting words, and free case changes in text. Tools for backlink and keyword analysis, website tracking, and other tasks are also available. Smallseotools is a comprehensive tool for optimizing your website in a variety of ways. Website owners are the intended users of the tools. You can check 1000 words per search with this tool. Content can be copied and pasted, URLs can be entered, and documents can be uploaded from Dropbox, Google Drive, or local drive. This tool does not ask for a sign up to use it.

  1. Plagiarismdetector.net


Plagiarismdetector.net searches for duplicate content with an advanced algorithm. The application investigates content in view of word-decision, lexical frequencies, and matching expressions. To check content duplication online, this tool will run the text through millions of websites. Documents in the .txt, .doc, and .docx formats are supported. Students, teachers, and writers should use platgiarismdetector.net. The software is best for people who are worried about the security of their data because it supports full encryption. The free basic version of online plagiarism software lets you check up to one thousand words at a time. The Pro version works without ads and has no word limit.

  1. Quetext


Students, teachers, bloggers, and website owners can all benefit from Quetext, an advanced plagiarism detection tool. The sophisticated DeepSearch method, which employs sophisticated algorithms to conduct contextual analysis and word placement, is supported by the online tool. The content is graded and checked by the tool, revealing the amount of copied content. Best for free plagiarism checks on websites, academic sources, and news sources. Free features include five free tests, contextual analysis, fuzzy matching, color grade feedback, and conditional score in the basic version.

  1. PaperRater


A plagiarism detection tool that can be used for a variety of purposes and is free, and it is utilized in more than 140 nations. This is the tool to use if you need to check your text for plagiarism, have it proofread with new wording suggestions, or check for grammar errors. Crafted by a group of computational linguists and subject matter specialists, PaperRater boasts quick and accurate results. Submissions of up to five pages, a grammar and spelling check, a tool for writing suggestions, and automated scoring are all provided for free. Data is analyzed in real time using Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, with results appearing 5–15 seconds after submission. Paperrater’s cloud-based software examines your text’s syntax and structure without requiring you to sign up, log in, or download the software.

Paid Duplicate Content  Checker Tools

We have also provided a list of paid (premium) duplicate content checker tools if you are in need of some advanced properties for your content creation.

  1. Grammarly


Grammarly’s paid version has many highlights such as sentence changes with clarity, consistency, high standard vocabulary. These advantages have made the tool the norm for editing on the web. Grammarly’s online plagiarism checker for your web browser, Google Docs, native Windows and MacOS apps, mobile phone apps, and Microsoft Word are all included in the paid plan. At approximately $12 per month, Grammarly’s paid features are a little expensive, but a paid subscription grants access to the plagiarism detection tool as well as the entire writing toolset.

  1. QuillBot


The Plagiarism Checker in QuillBot will assist you in ensuring that all of your text is appropriately credited to its original authors. Naturally, it will also assist in preventing accidental plagiarism. Writers, bloggers, journalists, and anyone else who needs to cite a source will appreciate this tool. Text can be read by QuillBot in more than 100 different languages. You are able to scan up to 20 pages per month with a premium subscription.

QuillBot is not only a smart grammar and spelling checker that keeps you from being sued, but it also makes writing easier. In addition, the AI-enhanced writing capabilities of the free rewording tool can make even the most monotonous pieces interesting to read.

  1. Frase


Frase, one of the most preferred content writing assistant and SEO research tools, now includes the “Originality Score” feature. You will be able to assess the uniqueness of your content and ensure that it is of the highest quality with the assistance of this new feature.

This neat feature shows you where your writing is similar to something on another website by displaying a small circle in the upper right corner of the editor screen. You can see exactly which parts of your writing are similar and how much of them are, by clicking on this. Frase does more than just flag sentences that are the same. Other plagiarism checkers look for sentences that exactly match. But, Frase looks for fragments that are similar. You can easily produce content by making use of Frase’s distinctive AI rewriting capabilities. You just have to select “rewrite” from the context menu after you have highlighted the text.

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Wrapping Up

These are the best duplicate content checkers, both paid and free, for writers of all kinds and mediums. If you want to find which suits you best, that relies upon your composing style, work process, and interests. Make use of all of them by combining the tools. If you also need writing assistants and grammar checkers, it’s best to choose a tool that does it all.


Are duplicate content checker tools expensive?

Depending on the number of pages and words that need to be checked for instances of plagiarism, costs can range from $20 to $100 per month.

Who can use paid duplicate content checker tools?

Professional writers, academic professionals and students, and businesses in need of a comprehensive writing improvement solution are typically better served by paid tools, which typically provide more robust and advanced features.

What are some good duplicate content checker tools that are free?

There are many free duplicate content checker tools that provide good services. A few of them are Smallseotools, Duplichecker, and Quetext.

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