Our Values

Just a few things we believe in, far too seriously

There are a few details which differentiate a truly passion driven company from the hundreds of sales sheet driven entities. In an increasingly transparent online world, passion is difficult to hide.

It is evident from the sheer presence of the company/individual, their body of work, their blog, communities, and may we add Twitter and Facebook accounts too. By definition, values permeate the whole of the organization, across the hierarchy and the team divisions.

Here are a few ideas that we live by:
  • Teamwork

    It's a great motivator, an unsubstitutable perk and very effective work ethic too. Precisely why, we work in small, well knit teams which operate more on the lines of S.W.A.T than any HR manual.

  • Commitment

    This one comes with the job. There is no way one can live with it for most of his waking hours and remain unaffected by it. The new ones take a little time to get a grip on their enthusiasm and old ones on their passion, but all hands remain on the deck.

  • Simplicity

    Our little contribution to an increasingly technical and complex world. We believe a few keywords can be unfeasible and there are no two ways of saying it. It surely helps to simplify things.

    Values are great for growth too. Get in touch with us and we would love to tell you how it has helped us grow over the years.

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